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  1. Matthew Currie

    Almost time to say goodbye

    Well, I've been around in one XJ forum or another since before NAXJA and even before the forum before that. Started in the old 4x4 forums. I don't remember many others from that period, except for RichP, who may well be the first of the first. But, as it happens, my last 99 XJ went away in...
  2. Matthew Currie

    A rare decal sighting

    All these years, and I have seen very few NAXJA stickers on the road. Probably has to do with living in the far-flung reaches of Darkest Vermont. But anyway, today in Canaan, Connecticut, I saw a nice shiny red XJ with a lift and rear tow-points and a NAXJA sticker. No greeting given, since...
  3. Matthew Currie

    brief absence

    First posting in nearly two weeks here. Had a terrible bicyclr accideny, broke collarbone, couple of vertebrae, and more important, brain. Double vision & typing speed seffer, and reading screen is labor, but all is expected to mend well in nrxt month or so. PleASE FOrgive bad typing and low...
  4. Matthew Currie

    Might be the end of an era....

    I just did an exhaust manifold swap on my 99, and when I got it all back together, it raced up to redline and wouldn't idle. No vacuum at all, it seems. I have a terrible suspicion I cracked the intake manifold. So anyway, I'm going to go out tomorrow, take it all back down and see what's the...
  5. Matthew Currie

    Quick exhaust manifold question 95-99

    So my 99 (4.0) has started making nasty manifold noises, and when I looked, hoping for a loose nut on the exhaust flange, I found instead a very bad crack just above the flange. I have a 95 that's being parted out a piece at a time, whose exhaust manifold is probably not too badly cracked...
  6. Matthew Currie

    measuring 99 front hubs and rotors

    My 99 is developing a bad wheel bearing, so I need a hub. No problem there, except that it's a 99, which means it could have either cast or composite rotors. No problem there if you look and find composites, but if you look and find cast, you have no way of knowing if they're OEM cast or...
  7. Matthew Currie

    Glad I got new snow tires!

    I'm visiting my mom in northwestern Connecticut this weekend. Forecast was for a little snow, so we figured to use the Jeep instead of the Focus. I guess it was the right choice. 14 inches or more, and a big branch fell on it too. Running on generator, waiting for the snowplow, but we're...
  8. Matthew Currie

    A puncture I've never seen before

    I was driving home yesterday afternoon on a road where they've been replacing culverts. The ditches are covered with crushed gravel, and after crossing a few of these, I got a flat tire. It's supposedly a steel belted radial, but those belts didn't help much this time. Fortunately, just a...
  9. Matthew Currie


    My last remaining (whole) XJ has 258 thousand miles on it, about half its floors and a mere memory of rocker panels, home-cooked exhaust, skint tires, a rapidly failing power steering pump and a cracked windshield. The roof has a bad case of eczema, and the hood isn't much better. The...
  10. Matthew Currie

    Boehner stands firm, Weiner collapses

    It looked like a standoff, but Boehner stuck it out longer.
  11. Matthew Currie

    Quick Q on brake hard line length

    Hope I'll be forgiven for not searching, but I'm about to go off and do something else.... My son's 96 (4.0, 5 speed, no ABS) has bust the main front-to-rear brake line, and I'd like to help him get it back together. Ordinarily I'd get under with my double flare tool and splice in a piece...
  12. Matthew Currie

    Let's go for a bike ride

    I hope this isn't a repost. I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather walk, or maybe not even that!
  13. Matthew Currie

    I guess the XJ brakes will have to wait....

    I was just about to get to work on redoing my rear brakes, but had to take a run to the dump first. Got in the ol' shabby Chebby truck, and it was making a bit of a rumble, and by the time I got back, it was rattling windows. It seems both sides of the crossover pipe rotted off, and both fell...
  14. Matthew Currie

    Precision coachwork

    The East German way....
  15. Matthew Currie

    Don't torch that lug nut!

    I don't think this has been posted before, but here's a rather interesting video showing what can happen when you heat up a wheel rim with the tire on. Yowch!
  16. Matthew Currie

    99 Alternator question and observation

    The alternator on my 99 (4.0) has packed up. It's almost certainly the brushes. It has 248 thousand miles, and recently started dropping the voltmeter at random times, recovering if I revved the engine. Finally it dropped and stayed down, but when I hit the alternator it came back up. Classic...
  17. Matthew Currie

    Musical XJ

    Hope this isn't a repeat.
  18. Matthew Currie

    XJ makes Epic Fail compilation About 41 seconds in. Anybody we know?
  19. Matthew Currie

    Vanishing breed!

    Just completed my usual 2000+ mile round trip from VT to Georgia and back, and my wife and I made an informal Cherokee count. We counted about 21 Cherokees for the whole trip. Even assuming we missed at least half of them, that's only about one XJ per 50 miles. The ranks are thinning. Of...
  20. Matthew Currie

    I think I found my clunk!

    I've been fighting a little steering clunk for the last 97 thousand miles on my 99, since I got it in fact. There were some signs that the previous owner had hit something, perhaps a curb or another obstacle, and there was a bent control arm, although the alignment was fine. Various things have...