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  1. Ralph

    Rear end howl

    I've got a 96 XJ with about 225000 miles on it. 27 spline 8.25 rear end. I've been getting a howling noise from my rear end. I tore into it today looking for worn parts. The axle bearings and shafts look okay. The ring and pinion also look okay. After pulling the shafts I've notice a bit of play...
  2. Ralph

    USA Inc.

    Interesting read. Tell me what you think. USA Inc. Red, White and very Blue
  3. Ralph

    Does anyone know anything about Subarus?

    Ran across a low mileage 98 Outback with a busted rear U joint for $750. I need a reliable daily driver with better gas mileage. Should I bother with it or am I wasting my time?
  4. Ralph

    Check engine codes associated with cold?

    About the same time as the cold weather hit my check engine light came on. I've got a 96 Sport, 4.0, AW4. I replaced the battery about two weeks before the light came on. I got codes: 12 - Memory cleared between 50-100 starts. (Not worried about that one) 17 - Low engine temperature. (Is anyone...
  5. Ralph


    What are your views on the unrest in Egypt? I think it's about time. I could never understand how people from that part of the world tolerated dictatorship for so long.
  6. Ralph

    Funny stuff

    I laughed so hard I thought I'd pee myself.
  7. Ralph

    Yldiz Shotguns

    I've got the new shotgun itch with little money to spend. Has anyone purchased one? If so, what is your opinion? Thanks,
  8. Ralph

    dash bezel

    I need a black dash bezel for '96 model Cherokee. Some jerk broke into my Jeep and tried to steal my radio. They broke the bezel and the radio. Apparently that pissed them off sufficiently to also stab one of my tires. Not a good day. Any help appreciated, Thank you, RR3
  9. Ralph

    .308 accuracy issues

    Recently I bought a Remington Model 7 .308 rifle. I've got a Leupold 2x7 variable scope mounted on it. I've been having some problems with accuracy. I cannot shoot a consistent sized group with it. The shots are all over the paper. I've tried different sized bullets, floated the barrel and glass...
  10. Ralph


    Check out this story. My Bullied Son's Last Day On Earth Although tragic, I think the problem is that today's kids aren't taught to stand up for themselves. They are so conditioned against fighting that some feel the only escape is suicide. There's only one response to a bully and that's a...
  11. Ralph

    Free NRA membership

    For those concerned about preserving our 2nd amendment rights, the best thing you can do is actively petition your legislators and join the NRA. Free NRA trail membership
  12. Ralph

    bicycle gear

    I'm looking for an on line store that sells good quality bicycle gear and clothing at a discount. Where do y'all shop?
  13. Ralph

    A new problem. NSS? Brake pedal switch?

    Weird. I pulled into the drive way the other night. As I can't open the tire carrier in the garage.I stopped outside so I could get my bike out of the back. After offloading my bike. I got back in to put the Jeep in the garage. The key would turn but the starter wouldn't turn over. I thought...
  14. Ralph

    I need bicycle advice

    I commute to work and have a pretty good bike that is set up for commuting. I would like to get a decent road bike for weekend rides and for long distance rides as well. I'm doing a 150 mile ride this summer. I've been looking at the Fuji Newest 3.0. This bike is in the price range I can afford...
  15. Ralph

    Here's one for RichP and others

    Funny stuff.
  16. Ralph

    One for 5-90

    I don't know why, but I thought of you when I read this one. :roflmao: too damn funny
  17. Ralph

    National language

    For those bitching about people not speaking the national language. Click here :roflmao:
  18. Ralph

    Computer shopping

    My mom needs a new computer. She wants a desktop PC. She does basic computing: office work, internet, email, etc. I am very familiar with HP and Dell computers but not so much with other brands. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck and something that will last for a few years. Do any of...
  19. Ralph


    How lucky can one be
  20. Ralph

    Picked up an iPhone today

    I've got 30 days to decide if I'm going to like it or not. Does anyone have any tips that might be useful? Thanks,