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    2 Jeeps MJ and XJ

    Prices just above the few pictures. Would like to sell as package but could split up if enough interest. Not interested in trades at this time. Some might have seen these on the FB page. I do have lot more pics of the MJ, but on my laptop its been a pain trying to post pics. If interested...
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    Opinions on parting out

    So for my MJ project I'm working on I picked up a 98 black 4 door classic for a donor rig. THe XJ runs and drives - has a 2" spacer lift and 31" tires. RIght now these two rigs are sitting at my storage at our place in the UP - eventually they will find their way down here to WI, but space in...
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    wow been over 4 years

    Well, guess its been awhile, I saw last log on for me was May, 2012. A few might remember me, though not even sure how many I remember - lol. Lots of changes for me, finally getting some wheeling rigs and now just purchased a MJ project. Last time I was wheeling with you all I had a 92 XJ...
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    Misc XJ items

    All items located in Valparaiso, IN Skyjacker 4" lift coils (needs new paint on em) - 19"L: $75 XJ tail lights: $20 for set Passenger side 2 door window - make offer on this (no idea on price) Spicer 5-760x u-joints (NIB): $12ea Dana 60 parts from 78 F350 front out stub shafts...
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    231 tcase with 4:1, lokar shifter

    Bought this for my 95 YJ, but now selling the jeep so no need for this setup anymore. I've never run this t-case since I bought it a month ago, which right after that the wife talked me into a rzr so now selling the jeep - lol. I"ll double check, but thought it came out of a 94YJ NP231 with...
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    Annual Hoosier GTG @ Badlands June 11-12th

    Copied this info from over on Jeepforum and Wrangler forum..... Trip to the Badlands!! Badlands Off Road Park - Indiana, 4x4, ATV, motorcycle riding, sand dunes, mud pits, rock crawling When? June 11th-12th Where? The Badlands! Located in Attica, IN Price?$20 for one day, $30 dollars for...
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    Another last minute Badlands run 2/26

    Should have posted sooner, and I know Winterfest is just round the corner. Heading to the Badlands tomorrow - 1 YJ, 1CJ, and 1TJ. If anyone wants to join, the more the merrier, and just look for my tan YJ on 39s.
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    XJ rear BDS lift springs - brand new

    Bought these brand new this past September at the Indy Jamboree. Plan was to use these on my YJ stretch to correct the shackle angles. They are either 4.5" or 5" lift BDS military wrapped spring packs - they are the same height as my YJ 6" BDS springs. Did install them, but never drove...
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    Badlands - Nov 6th

    Our jeep club is heading to the badlands Nov 6th -- all are welcome, this is my first run with the new heep.
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    4 - 285/75/17 BFG KOs

    Have approx 27500 miles on them - two have good tread (approx 50%), and two have about 30% tread. Should be equivelant to 33x10.50 tire size - no rims are included. Located in Valparaiso, IN $200 for set of 4
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    CJ Project - will part out if interest

    Well sold the axles, to fund my new jeep. Don't need any of the CJ stuff now since I have a dedicated wheeling / highway rig. $1700 for the project - needs axles, wiring finished and adapter for t-case to tranny. Quick specs Location: Valparaiso, IN 92 YJ tub, with CJ cowl, windshield...
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    38.5x14.50x15 super swamper SXs

    4 with approx 75% tread on them. Mounted to 6 bolt chrome rims (some surface rust). Also have a 38x12.50 spare with no rim. Located in Valparaiso, IN $750 for em all TSL spare
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    Stock leaf spring height

    I searched, and found lots of info about lift kits, and such, but couldn't find anything in regards to the actual height of a leaf pack. I currently have one old 4.5" RC leaf pack that I thought sagged - after hearing a few numbers I'm not too sure now. So I guess I have one question for sure...
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    WTB - set of stock XJ rear leafs

    Need a set of stock XJ rear leafs for my project - keep hearing different stories about using stock ones vs lifted ones, so starting off stock first. Closer to Valparaiso, IN the better - :D
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    Hey - been awhile

    Still been lurking on the site here since my XJ has parted ways, and hopefully some day I'll be on the trails again. The wife is "surprisingly" getting an inch to put some mods on her Grand Cherokee so maybe I'll hit the trails with that. I see the person I traded my XJ too is trying to trade...
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    Been a great one

    Well its sad to say the XJ is no more - it left this morning on a trailer to its new owner in Michigan. I guess technically I still have a cherokee just not an XJ. I did pick up a new project - another jeep, but it will be a long project by the looks of it. It was awesome meeting a lot of you...
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    4.0 / aw4 / 231 + misc parts

    Well it looks like my XJ is going to be gone tomorrow so I am now cleaning up shop for the new project rolling in. I bought this combo a few months back, and now have no use for it. They all came out of a 96 XJ and have 134,000 miles on the set. The AC compressor is setup for OBA $500 for...
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    rocker panel

    Is the rocker panel the same length on a 2 door vs a 4 door? My 2 door is currently not by my house, and someone wanted to know if my replacement rocker panels from that woudl work for thier 4 door? I believe we both have the same area body style.
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    07 Arctic Cat 400 4x4

    Well bought a new one yesterday, and after a quick spin I highly doubt I'll want to go back to ever riding the 400. Its pretty much all stock, here's some quick specs: 400 auto 4x4 - lime green - approx 250miles (at the most on it) rear locker - engaged all the time front locker - selectable...
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    Removing doors

    Okay, not asking how to do it, in the process now, but have a question. I finally got the driver side off - what a pain getting the torq bolts off. One I had to give up and cut the head off. So go to the passenger side, and I can only get 1 torq bolt to move. The others, I tried and...