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    WTB: Tail Lights

    I need a pair of 97-01 tail lights that aren't busted up.
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    2000 xj Window Issue

    Here lately we have been having some power window problems with my 2000 xj limited. The fuse is all good but now i can't get the windows to go down at all. I got the driver window to go down once last week but that was it. Was wondering if anybody else has had any issues like this with their...
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    89 xj no start help

    I am looking at buying an 89 xj from someone on craigslist but it has a few problems i was hoping you guys could help me out with before buying it. The owner of it was driving it and then it sputtered and died on him. Now he has no power to ignition switch or doors to roll up the windows. The...