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  1. rock rash

    Are you kidding me?

    I know some of you will agree with this and I think you are an idiot. I am against affirmative action though. :hang:
  2. rock rash

    Adventure Forum

    For some reason I am unable to post in the adventure forum. Any specific reason?
  3. rock rash

    Office 07 Help

    I just rebooted my sister's computer...again and am having a few issues after re-installing Office 7. I installed it, called in and got the conformation code and everything seemed ok, but now any time I open any part of office it keeps trying to configure. What can I do to get this to stop...
  4. rock rash

    Help with a student project

    I am a senior mechanical engineering student at Colorado State University and we are working on a transport incubator for premature and critically ill babies. We have come up with a backpack design, which we are unable to fabricate ourselves due to our capabilities. It is a backpack frame made...
  5. rock rash

    Oh no he won...

    :bawl::bawl::bawl::tear: I'm just going to sit online and continue to say I do not support him and will not be a part of this counry any longer because my guy didn't win and I don't like Obama... :twak:
  6. rock rash

    who else... drinking whiskey and cokes?
  7. rock rash


    so??? I guess I should have said this is not candidate specific...Imagine as if it were a future election with neither Obama or McCain. Imagine you agreed with their stances but they were Muslim.
  8. rock rash

    1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara...LIFTED

    1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara I6 4 Liter 105,xxx miles 3.5 inch Rubicon Express suspension lift 31 inch all terrain tires 75% tread Safari Snorkel custom cat-back exhaust bumper and window mounted KC hi-lites Heavy duty spare tire carrier with hi-lift jack mounted to it Hard top with ski...
  9. rock rash

    Welp, its official.

    Just sold the jeep. 4.10 a gallon is killing me especially working a long ways from home. I guess I should have found a car first...oh well. Guess I'll just drive this for awhile.
  10. rock rash

    Lifted 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic

    1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic I6 4.0 L Auto Power Locks and windows 4x4 102,9xx miles but still runs as good as the day I bought it. Dana 30 with 3.55 gears Chrys 8.25 with 3.55 gears 4" Lift with replaced lower control arms 31x1050x15 Bridgestone Dueler Tires. Plenty of tread left Brand New ARB...
  11. rock rash

    Benefit...Please help

    I and a few friends are trying to put on a benefit show to raise money for my mother and a friend's mother for the AVON 39 mile walk. They are required to raise $1800 each for the race. My mother is a recent survivor of breast cancer and have had it run in the family while my friend's whose...
  12. rock rash

    1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

    This is an awesome 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara with many add ons. Specs are as follows: 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara I6 4.0L Manual 5 speed transmission 103,xxx miles Dana 30 front axle Dana 44 rear axle 3.73 gears Sound bar Hard Top Soft Top Bikini top Ski racks Add-ons: Rubicon express 3.5" lift...
  13. rock rash

    Any in political science?

    well? anyone have a degree in poli sci or in that field...? I have a few questions...
  14. rock rash

    Photoshop Request

    If someone could please delete everything outside the bills and hand...thanks Please also keep it as large as possible.
  15. rock rash

    Rear Hatch Not Closing

    Well I am having issues with the rear hatch. The latch on the hatch itself seems to be stuck. Whenever I try to close the hatch, it just bounces off. I tried loosening it with a screwdriver but no dice. It was working fine all day yesterday, but then last night when I opened it to get my food...
  16. rock rash

    Yay! One more year!

    A day late since the server was down... :party: :cheers:
  17. rock rash

    tourqe specs for ring gear

    real quick, i searched didnt find anything...make me look like a fool i dont care just tell me what the torque needs to be for a 44 ring gear... TIA
  18. rock rash

    Do you really want her back in?---Warning, Political Thread

    Marilyn Musgrave, voted one of the worst congress people ever... here is the article
  19. rock rash

    Starboard M

    happy birthday! too bad the rams had to get their asses handed to em by the pokes! oh well...celebrate! :party:
  20. rock rash

    Yeah, Thats snow!

    Been snowing all day and I got to bike home from class in it with no was too fookin cold!