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  1. altierior

    2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ - needs work

    2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ. 224xxx miles. This is my daughter's Jeep. She is selling because she doesn't drive it anymore and has neither the time nor the inclination nor the money to diagnose the starting issues. (She got a Subaru.) PA inspection through the end of this month. It was...
  2. altierior

    FREE - stock contol arms

    FREE - stock contol arms
  3. altierior

    FREE ​TJ fender flares

    FREE ​TJ fender flares
  4. altierior

    WTB: 97+ XJ front bumper and fender

    I need the following for a 97+ XJ: Front Bumper, including endcaps Driver side fender, including flare Washer fluid reservoir
  5. altierior

    DIY Hood Struts

    Good information. Thank you. It's helpful information, except for me - I already bought my second set of RedLines. I wish I had thought to look for components like you did; I could have saved some money.
  6. altierior

    D30 inner axle shafts - FREE

    These are the D30 shafts that use the smaller u-joints, i.e. 5-260X. Inners only. No u-joints, no outer stubbys. They have surface rust, but I am sure they would be fine as they are or with a few passes of a wire wheel.
  7. altierior

    Wheeling Rausch Creek - Saturday, May 7 - blues, BLACKS, maybe some reds

    I put together a small group of built rigs for next Saturday to run hard stuff. We have room for one or two more rigs. If you are lifted, locked, and loaded - Let's go.
  8. altierior

    May wheeling

    I am available to go any Saturday in May other than the 21st. . I want to run hard stuff. If you are lifted, locked, and loaded - Let's go. I am putting up similar feelers on some other forums, trying to put together a group of three to five built rigs. When I get some response, I'll...
  9. altierior

    WTB - 35" tires

    More specifically: 35x12.5r15 with an aggressive tread for offroad use. These are not for me. I am helping a friend find some for his trail rig.
  10. altierior

    BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tires - 30x9.5*15 - 50% tread - $65 ea

    Excellent overall condition. I have two of these. Tires only. Wheels not for sale.
  11. altierior

    AUSSIE Locker for D30 - $150

    It's the locker on the right in this photo. Not a great pic, I know, but it's all I have at the moment. If anyone wants better pics, I'll get a few later.
  12. altierior

    33x12.5*15 GOODYEAR WRANGLER MT/R with KEVLAR * 90% tread * $175

    . This tire has spent some time on the trails, but not much. It has some rock rash, but it is in overall great condition with lots of tread. . The pics should tell you what you need to know. . . . . . .
  13. altierior

    NP231 transfer case - only 70k miles! $180

    ... from my 2000 XJ. I swapped it out shortly after I purchased the Cherokee in '06. It performed flawlessly when pulled.
  14. altierior

    Five 33x12.5R15 Firestone Destination A/T LTRs on Cragar wheels

    Four of these are nearly new - less than 200 miles on them. Four of the tires still have the little 'hairs' on the side. (What are those things called, anyway?) Click here for info on the tires. Four of the Cragar 365 Series V-5 Wheels are nearly mint condition - also on the Jeep for...
  15. altierior

    FEELER: '99 XJ trail rig, or part-out

    1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ. It's been wheeled hard. 103k miles, runs great NP242 transfer case Power windows and locks Mostly somewhat white, with a silver hatch and door Removable front doors Vented hood Carpets removed, floor rhino-lined 5" lift (or thereabouts, I think) Armored - TC skid...
  16. altierior

    Cooper DISCOVERER STT, 35x12.50x15, $100 OBO

    1 Cooper DISCOVERER STT, 35X12.50R15LT. Price new: $250 50% tread (9/32). $100 OBO Tire only - no rim.
  17. altierior

    WTB: Master Power Window Switch

    for a '97+. Like this:
  18. altierior

    The WHO perform QUADROPHENIA in Philadelphia @ Wells Fargo Center - Sat, Dec 8, 2012

    I have ONE extra ticket for this show. The Who will perform their iconic 1973 double album QUADROPHENIA in its entirety, along with a selection of WHO classics. Section 103, Row 20. Click on the following link to see a panoramic view from the seat...
  19. altierior

    4 35x12.5x15 ProComp X-Terrain Tires + spare, 5 Cragar Street Lock wheels - $500

    4 - Pro Comp Radial X-Terrain Tires, 35x12.50R-15. Price new: $259.99/each 1 spare - Cooper DISCOVERER STT, 35X12.50R15LT. Price new: $250 all 5...
  20. altierior

    Wheeling Rausch Creek - Sunday, February 19 - blacks/reds

    I realize that this is really close, but is anyone interested in a trip on the 19th? I am really itching to get out. Hoping to do some harder stuff (blacks/reds), but since it's last minute, I'll take what I can get, but I certainly don't want to run greens/blues all day. This is still...