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    d70 rear 4.10 gears 35 spline shafts srw

    I have a d70 w/4.10 gears out of an 70's f350 single rear wheel 35 spline shafts
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    wtt my kingpin 60 front drivers side for passenger side kingpin 60 in GA

    I have a drivers side kingpin 60 w/30 spline outers spicer hubs and welded spider gears 4.10 ratio. Want to trade it for your passengers side drop kingpin 60 Those brackets are cut off except for the hydro assist bracket, the axle tubes need cleaning up from cutting the brackets off
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    HP dana 30 3.55 $60 MJ d35 3.55 $30

    HP Dana 30 vacuum disconnect 3.55 gears complete pulled from running vehicle $60 Dana 35 from an MJ spring under perches 3.55 gears no brakes/drums/brake hardware $30
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    Dana 60 rear 4.11 ff 65.5" 30 spline bolt-on XJ $250

    I have 5 Dana 60 rears that bolt right onto XJ leafs 4.11 gears/full float/30 spline 65.5" wide $250 each