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    Fab work recommendations is the Springs?

    I'm looking for recommendations for someone or shop here in town that can build me a bed rack for my dakota. I can't find what I am looking for in the aftermarket world. Will need someone that can bend some tube.
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    Low budget Mustang build

    Picked up this 94 gt the other day for the right price of 600 bucks. Running and driving, with a manual transmission. One family car that was taken care of mechanically but not so much on the appearance side. Needs seats redone, the body is dent free and accident free but does need a repaint...
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    47 Ford truck Rat Rod build.

    I thought maybe a few of you guys might enjoy this build. So here is The new project a 47 Ford truck. Original running flathead 4 cylinder engine and trans. Still in a planning stage but I am leaning towards a rat rod build. This will be a first for me and will be kinda slow going. If anyone has...
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    Anywhere to rent a flatbed car trailer in the Springs?

    I am in need of a flatbed car trailer for a few hours today. Is there anywhere in the Springs where I can rent one? I know uhaul has the car trailers but they are split down the middle.
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    Any Dodge Ram Hemi owners here?

    Been looking and thinking of buy a 2003-2005 Ram 1500 4x4 with a hemi. Found a few with around 90k on them. I don't have any experiance with them other then the normal maintence that I do on them at my work. Anyone here own one or did? Do you like them? Any issues you have? Real world gas...
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    T-shirt company in the springs?

    Anyone work at or know a T-shirt printing place here in Colorado Springs that does good work with reasonable rates? I am trying to help my friend get some shirts made up for a MS fundraiser. Thanks.
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    Need a tow in the springs Tuesday or Wednesday

    I need to tow my JK from the south side of the springs off powers to the Jeep dealer off woodmen. The jeep won't start but will roll. So it will have to be pushed or winched up a trailer. Please let me know if you can help.
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    Anybody have a connection at Jeep or Dodge here in the springs?

    I am in need of BIG favor. Does anyone have a Jeep or Dodge connection here in Colorado Springs? In parts or service? Need to know ASAP. Thanks
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    2000 WJ.

    Just my 2000 WJ build page. The XJ replacement. 120k, 4.7 laredo with all the comfy upgrades. I guess it was a special order or so I was told from the dealer. On to the slow build. Current specs are 4" lift, 285/70r17's on JK wheels and 1.5" wheel spacers. The next steps in the the build will be...
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    Good buyer. Kept in touch and kept me informed. Good to meet you Sam.
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    Denver shooting.

    I hope all our members here and their family's are safe and sound. So sad. What is wrong with people these days? Thoughts go out to everyone involved.
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    The new XJ.

    The new XJ. 66 High Country Special.
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    XJ vs WJ

    Ok so here is my situation. Currently have my 97xj with some goodies on it. The wife is tired of dealing with the xj's. This is the second xj in 6 months to bite the dust. So she wants me to take our current 2000 wj Laredo and sell the xj. Reason being is it's newer, well maintained with less...
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    Parts run Springs to Frederick and back.

    Making a run from the springs to Frederick and back on Tuesday. Will be picking up an engine. I will have a 5x8 utility uhaul trailer. If anyone needs anything moved post up.
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    So whats my xj worth?

    Trying to decide what to do with the xj. Part it out or sell it as is. My question is what should I ask for it as it sits and what could I expect to get for the parts if it was parted out? List of stuff on the xj is below and a pic. 97 Xj auto with 195k on it Hs no Oil psi at a hot idle...
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    Steel fabricator in the Springs?

    I am looking for a place to build me a steel box from 12 gauge sheet metal. Anyone have any places or someone in the Colorado Springs area I could talk to?
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    My other ride

    This is my other toy/money pit. I have had it about a year now. 2011 5.0 Mustang 6spd manual. Its alot of fun and the gas mileage is nice too. Nothin major done to it yet just the tint and GT500 exhaust. I have the Eibach lowering kit sitting in the garage. Going to install it next week. Saving...
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    Where's the beef?

    Looking for some grass fed free range beef around the springs area. I know someone here has some experiance with some place.
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    Nice guy. Good to deal with. Thanks again Mike.
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    Help me fix my Columbian Vise

    I broke my spindle on my Columbian D46 vise. I have looked all over the place for a replacement with no luck. I have found a few different spindles and spindle main nuts online. But the lengths are either too long or too short. Think the spindle can be welded back together? Or do you know of...