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    Lower seat cushion rotation

    Anybody rotated the lower seat cushions on a 97-01? I've got the non power seats and would like to know if this is doable before I dive in.
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    Will a factory OEM CD player play CDR's and CDRW's?

    Will a 97-01 stock CD player play CDR's and CDRW's?
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    '91-'93 and '94-'95 injectors interchangeable?

    From here... '91-'93, ........33007127, ...Brown, .......39psi, .................21.0lb/hr '94-'95, ........53030343, ...Tan, ...........39psi, .................21.0lb/hr Part numbers are different, but specs are the same. Are they...
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    For the Delorean Fans

    I was on the interstate outside of Houston and saw a Delorean actually being driven. I had my cam in my pocket and shot a few seconds of video.
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    $50 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card .....paypal me $35

    One catch though......this card must be redeemed in a store and NOT on-line. I accidentally damaged the pin # on the back when I was scratching it with a coin so it's not readable.:bang: To buy online you need the pin. PM me for my paypal address. Free shipping. My Ebay feedback is here
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    Bought a $5 PS2, someone diagnose it please

    Picked it up at a thrift store for $5. Basically the slide-out tray will not slide out. Also the fan on the back constantly runs. So whats wrong with it?
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    $100 - P235/75/15 Goodyears mounted on steel "wagon" wheels - SE TX

    Four wheels and Four Tires - $100 - P235/75/15 Goodyears purchased from Wal-mart. 3 tires have 7/32nds remaining, the 4th is almost new with 11/32nds remaining. A lot of miles left in these. Rims are straight and true. Four Centercaps included. Located in the Beaumont, TX area. I travel to...
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    Coast Guard XJ?

    I'm thinking recovery points first, then onto the lift.... Flex Shot.... Proudly patrolling the shores of Matchbox (MBX) land..... There's even a Jeep Logo on the header panel..... Copyright 1986....LOL
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    Set of Four 15" Ecco Rims and Tires

    Four Wheels and Four Tires. More pics available upon request. Rims have some minor rash, blemishes and one nickel-sized spot of clearcoat peeling. All rims are straight and true. Tires have about 3 or 4/32nds of tread remaining with some having shoulder wear. No steel cords showing. Tires...
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    '87 Cherokee poor MPG, fan doesn't come on

    '87 XJ 4.0 automatic 165K miles Posting for a friend of mine. He delivers pizzas in his 4.0 xj and the poor mpg's are killing his tip money. There is a strong smell of unburnt fuel when you stand behind it as it's driving away. The cooling fan doesn't come on at all, under any circumstance. It...
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    what is this thing bolted to the side of my 5-spd. trans and why is it squeaking?

    The best way to describe the squeak is like a straw sliding through a plastic mcdonalds lid. It's barely noticeable in the morning, but after about 50 clutch pushes it is pretty loud. I know it is a part of the clutch and the fluid pushes the piston within it. What is this piece called? About...
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    Free carfax til mid-may

    Just follow the link....
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    Replaced front brake pads, now smoke coming from front

    Replaced all four pads. I did not turn or replace the rotor. I lightly sanded front and back with 220 grit in a swirling motion. They had some tiny "gouges" on the surface, but I didn't think they were too bad. For the most part they were flat across. The rotors are original with 96K miles on...
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    5-spd trans leaking where drive shaft goes in, how to fix? 2WD '94 XJ

    It is flinging gear oil onto the cat, that's how I detected it. I would like to fix this myself if possible. I have access to air tools and have done fuel pumps, alternators, brakes. After driving, it will drip at about the rate of one drop every 5 seconds for about 10 minutes, then slow down...
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    '94 XJ Did the gauge swap, temp gauge doesn't move while driving

    I swapped in the full gauge cluster from a '96 along with the oil-pressure-sending-unit and the temp-sending-unit. The oil pressure shows fine right around 40. The temp gauge will do a full sweep up when I start it, but the gauge goes nowhere while driving. I bought the temp sending unit from...