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    AW4 TCC Lockup ?

    My 96 4.0 automatic has been acting strange lately, when at a constant speed (about 60-65 usually) the TCC will unlock and the RPM climb a lil, then if i apply throtle it will lock up, but when i back out of it to stay at a constant speed again the TCC unlocks. If i then come to a complete stop...
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    97 wrangler no start

    I have a 97 wrangler that cranks and won't start, the check engine light does not light up when the key is turned on. The pcm is not grounding the asd or fuel pump relays. PCM has all battery, ignition, and grounds as per wiring diagram... I am thinking bad PCM
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    Low oil pressure

    2000 XJ Classic, 4.0L, A/T, 163K, The jeep had a cracked head when I bought it, I replaced the head and am now running 10w40 with a napa filter, When the jeep reaches operating temp. the oil pressure falls to about 12 psi, when driving down the road it is around 40 psi, my guess is that the main...
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    D-30 U-Joint troubles

    First specs- 96 xj, 4.0L, Auto, D30, C8.25, No ABS So i decided to replace the front axle joints yesterday, went to Autozone and got some Brute Force joints, proceeded to start changing them only to find out after the driver axle shaft is laying on my bench that the joints are in fact too...