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    01 XJ D35 with limited slip

    I have a complete D35 from my 01 XJ. Bone stock rig, just pulled it out to swap it for a 9". Is complete with leaf springs, u-bolts, ebrake cables, abs lines, etc. Just yanked it still bolted together. Has a fairly decent limited slip also. $100 and it needs to go asap. No funky noises...
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    RE spring height request

    I am fabbing up my HP44 front and forgot to measure my springs with weight on them prior to removal. Does anyone have RE 5.5" coil springs that could measure them for me? Just need to know how tall they are at ride height.
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    93 Silverado 1500 Extended Cab 2wd $2800

    I have a 93 Silverado extended cab C1500 2wd short bed truck. It has 168k miles. Has a newer GM 5.7 crate engine. Auto, full power including driver seat. Newer R134a A/C conversion that blows super cold. New tuneup including O2 sensor, Cat converter, new tires, and new wiper module. Flowmaster...
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    RE super ride adjustable uppers $140

    I have a pair of Rubicon Express super ride uppers. New bushings installed. $140 OBO. One side has been drilled out to 7/16" on the axle end. Matt 916-804-5020
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    Dana 60 rear axles

    I have two rear full float 60's for sale. First is a rear 60 from an unknown year. Completely stripped and only has R&P, carrier and cover. No outer hubs or shafts. Great for cutting the ends off and making semi float. $100 OBO. Second is a complete drum brake D60-HD from a Ford truck...
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    Built HP30 and D44

    I currently have these axles under my XJ. They are driven daily and were on the Rubicon last weekend. Front axle: $1400 Dana HP 30: ARB air locker 30 spline Alloy shafts, Alloy USA joints 4.56 gears, 1/4" control arm mounts Alloy USA axle seals, raised sway bar mounts teraflex high steer...
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    WTB 15" beadlocks

    Looking for a set of 15 x10" bead locks 5 x 4.5. Let me know what you have. Will be selling a set of 15x8 black rock crawlers for $100 once I find a set of bead locks.
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    Strange headlight issue

    I've got a 95 XJ with a new headlight issue. Lights have always worked fine with zero issues. I dont have any extra lights tied into the stock harness. Any auxiliary lighting is on its own circuit. Pull the headlight switch and only the headlights come on. No tail lamps, interior lights or...
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    CA smog questions

    I just smogged my 95 XJ. It has a 4.0 short block with ~89k. Rebuilt 7120 head, all new ignition components, 2000 intake with throttle body spacer. Has a stock airbox with K&N, and a flowmaster muffler. Jeep runs good but I have always wanted more power. Looking at the results of the smog I...
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    JCR frame tie ins and D rings

    I bought the frame tie ins from JCR and two D-ring mounts. Total cost was $83 plus shipping. I have since built my own bumper and will not be using this parts. Can ship immediately and I take...
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    (2) RE 3715 lower SF control arms

    I have two new RE3715 control arms. These are adjustable with the superflex end. They are new, installed on my rig and thats it. Have a few paint chips from install and removal. $200 delivered. Can ship from Sacramento immediately and I take paypal.
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    RE control arm material?

    What are RE control arms made out of? Looks like the long arms are 2" x 1/4" 4130 chromoly. What about the short arms, 1.5 x ?????????
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    XJ Dana 44 rear 3.55 open $300

    I have a XJ rear Dana 44 that I am taking out. It has 3.55 gears and an open carrier. One wheel cylinder is leaking. I have never driven on this axle and do not now any history about it. It was in the back of my XJ when I bought it and its getting replaced with a 14 bolt. $300 firm...
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    95 electrical issues

    I have a 95 4dr 4.0, auto , 4x4 I just purchased the vehicle and am having issues. The horn, turn signals and rear defrosters dont work. The fuses are all good, as are any relays. The horns have been tested and work. I just replaced the ignition switch. There are no cuts in the wiring or...