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    CLIFFS Saturday 19 September 9:30

    CLIFFS should be close to record dryness. If you haven't been there in a while things should be pretty nice especially for the newb's and stockers. Look for the black LJ Rubi with tube fenders all around. My old Red XJ is in rebuild limbo in Spikyhair's garage! :rolleyes:
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    New In Box Neutral Safety Switch

    Crown 4882173 AW4 Auto Trans, Neutral Safety Switch. Have an extra I didn't use. $75 or $80 shipped.
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    WHO needs good/more AIR?? $400 for MWC

    Who need more/better air? I need $$$$$$ Have a completely refurbished, working great, 2 stage, 220vac, 5HP, 80 gallon, air compressor. Only things orginal are the motor and the tank actually. New pump, all new fittings, new flywheel, new belt, check valve, Square D pressure switch, regulator...
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    NW Indiana Gear Shops???

    A guy I wheel with from out that way in a TJ with a Front 30 most likely needs a rebuild. ANY CLOSE shops that can do a quick GOOD job replacing pinion bearings and seals??? Thanks guys,
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    CLIFFS Saturday the 5th

    A small group from GLJT is heading to the Cliffs on Saturday morning before the thaw begins if anyone is up for some wheeling as a group. The more the better. Should be decent weather. Then again... ya never know!
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    GREAT DEALS.... NEED CASH plus getting rid of items from my last obsession. WOODWORKING IR 2135ti 1/2" IMPACT. (THE impact to have) USED BUT IN GREAT SHAPE $80 will toss in a 50ft Goodyear rubber hose/line EXCELLENT COND. Porter Cable 690LR Router with 2 stationary bases...
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    I'M BACK... sort of

    Well... to make a long story short, TOYOTA's do not impress me. I am rejoining the ranks of Jeep owners. Albeit, with a slight change. 2006 Rubi with only 7,800 miles on it. Ready to rock, out of the box. Anyone wanna buy an 86 Toy Pickup with a new 22R (carb) motor and a California cab and...
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    GREAT Optima DEAL!

    Winners Circle Racing Shop in Joliet is selling a huge stock of Optima Red Tops $109, side and top post Reds for $119 and Yellow Tops for $139. They are on Grant Street just North of downtown Joliet and the Will County court house. HUGE stock and great prices on Flowmaster stuff too.
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    Welding fabricator???

    I'm looking to put a flat bed on the sushi wagon and have the design of EXACTLY what I want it to look like. Looks simple enough. DAMN, I wish I could MIG weld!! Simple, mostly 1.25 or 1.5 sq tube. Someone point me in the right direction. Steelman, Gil, Kid... BTW, I'm asking you guys because...
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    WANTED.. YOTA PU "Stuff" 84 or 85 front axle mostly.

    Many of you have ricer parts laying around in the garage, no one to love them anymore. As many of you know, I've been recruited by the dark side and have gone RICER. Have my 86 Toyota Pickup, Standard Cab, 22R, 4.10's, BUT IFS front. Looking for that popular 84 or 85 front solid axle. 83 and...
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    93 XJ Factory Service Manual Set PLUS

    Both Jeep factory Service Manuals for 1993 XJ. Very good condition, no missing pages, Covers intact. A few grease smudges but that's about it. Buy these and I'll toss in almost new Chilton's and Haynes Manuals FREE. PM here or email to FIRST one to PAYPAL to the above email...
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    AJ's Super Rails LOCAL pick up only

    Last sale couldn't happen because of prohibitive shipping costs. AJ's round Super Rails, clean, unmounted, fresh repaint with Rustoleum Hammered Finish These are the puppies... $150 or best offer. LOCAL PICKUP IN CHICAGO AREA ONLY.
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    Selling the whole rig now. Great build. LOW $$$

    Check the thread in the MWC For Sale Forum
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    Seeling the XJ too!!!

    Why have a lifted XJ with stock wheels?? I need a less gas consuming heep anyway. STATS: 93 XJ 240K miles, 4.0, Good compression and oil pressures, uses no oil. new wires, coil and distributor. New Aluminum aftermarket RED valve cover, no leaks. AW4, 231 TC and Advance Adapters SYE, stock...
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    NEED CASH FAST - LEAVING HOBBY Have to leave.... BIG SALE selling off my wheeling parts. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. Can deal with the MWC creww of course. THANKS GUYS.
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    All items are in Chicago Suburbs, prefer not to ship large items. PICTURES BELOW Have to depart the hobby for a time. $$$$ problems. Wanna build your stock rig with great stuff in a hurry???? I have a beautiful clean 87 XJ Dana 44 housing and 30 spline axles, stock mounts cut off, welds ground...
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    8.25 finally locked...

    Well, not by choice exactly. Nice weekend of wheeling at Two Rivers Safari in Pittsfield. Last hill end of the day, last 100ft of trail, (Pokey's Run) shredded my spiders. Left dents on the INSIDE of the diff cover. Flushed it out, no damage to the ring or pinion so a guy in town welded me up...
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    Chrysler/Jeep sold to Cerberus.

    It's official, DaimlerChrysler is no more. Cerberus Capital Management has bought the Chrysler/Jeep arm from Daimler AG for $7.4 Billion. The head of Cerberus is Ex-Treasury Secretary of the US, John Snow. He says he plans to keep the current management in place. Yeah... right!
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    YES or NO

    DOES a Rubicon Front Dana 44 "bolt right up" to an XJ???
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    Dana 44 3.55 Gears and Loaded Carrier Just listed my Dana 44 pull on eBay. Ready to install but it would need new pinion bearings as the races were left in the housing when I sent it to the sand blaster. Timken Set 10 bearings.