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  1. moparmansfield

    New to PNW with new XJ

    Hey yall. Moved up here (Portland Area) last year and just got myself back into an XJ. Have had a few XJ's and Mj's and a ZJ over the years and was semi-active in the Sierra Chapter. Picked up a unicorn 99 2 door 5 speed in the blue/slate color. Was looking to see if anyone recognized it...
  2. moparmansfield

    Butte County Campfire Donations (Saturday H.Hills)

    I am living in Chico these days while I finish up school and have seen first-hand the devastation this Campfire has done, and I assume most of you guys are being affected by the smoke. There are a bunch of local organizations helping evacuees at which I will be volunteering at this week, and...
  3. moparmansfield

    Picknpull finds in Chico CA

    Went to picknpull for some parts for my Vibe and saw a quite a few XJs. There's a set of 4.10 axles (d30 h.p. non-disco and D35). And there's a factory rear tire carrier on an 80's xj in decent shape. From an explorer there's a D4 axle code 8.8 rear axle (3.73s discs limited slip). Going back...
  4. moparmansfield

    WTB: Daily driver Jeep

    Yeah, I'm over my little 4 cylinder car. Looking for an MJ or 2 door XJ with a 5 speed. H.O. preferred but will consider renix Comanche. Basically just want to get back into a daily driver Jeep. I have my car up for trade/sell and have a couple interested buyers. I know a few of you guys have...
  5. moparmansfield

    Moparmans Commando Build

    I've had a few XJs and MJs, and a ZJ but never owned a pre-smog Jeep. This thing popped up on craigslist about 30 minutes from me and I jumped on it (about a year ago now). It sat for around 15 years but ran and drove, somewhat. It has the 225 Dauntless v6, t86 3 speed, and d20 tcase. I have a...
  6. moparmansfield

    WTB: trailer hitch class 3 98' XJ

    What's up guys. I'm looking for a class 3 trailer hitch for my buddy's XJ. Doesn't need to be pretty, just functional. New ones go for around $100 on Amazon so I think he's looking to spend around $60-70 on the high end. I should be at Hollister Hills for the Toy run on the 18th and I'll be up...
  7. moparmansfield

    Derale Atomic-Cool Remote Fan-Mount Oil Cooler

    Posting for my Boss. From CL ad. I can deliver to bay area when I go up there about once a month. Brand new still in original box. Ended up not using on our vehicle. Info on part below. Brand Derale Cooling Products Manufacturer's Part Number:13950 Part Type:Fluid Coolers with Fan Product...
  8. moparmansfield

    Which 33x10.50r15 All-Terrain?

    I am currently running the 32x11.5x15 MTR Kevlars. They are obviously great tires off-road, but do run a bit stiff on road. I am looking to replace these tires with a 33x10.50x15 all-terrain tire. There aren't many choices out there but I'd like to get some real world input before I pull the...
  9. moparmansfield

    Rancho 2.5" leaf clamps new (4 total) RS8131

    I have 4 Rancho leaf clamps still in their packages that I don't need. $12 for all 4. These are a good thickness and have a Zinc? coating on them. Pick up only in SLO area or in Hollister.
  10. moparmansfield

    WTB: stock suspension parts in good condition

    Buddy of mine just picked up a low mile 98 XJ...from Chicago. The body is pretty cherry but there is quite a bust of rust underneath(luckily nothing structural) and most of his suspension components are pretty ugly. He is going to be keeping the jeep at stock height(maybe 2" down the road) and...
  11. moparmansfield

    1.25 heims and air intake.

    1.25 ruffstuff heims. Less than 1500 miles on them. They were frame end joints for my lower control arms. Ended up changing over to poly. They are in great shape and move freely. Only one light wheeling trip on them, no rocks. $20 each. Cheap ebay intake with expensive heat reflective tape on...
  12. moparmansfield

    My DIY quick disconnect mudflaps

    Just wanted to share a quick DIY mudflap project I posted in the Sierra Chapter. Got a little project done this afternoon. I got a "tires sticking out too much" ticket here in SLO and need to install flares or flaps. Here's my version of some quick disconnect mud flaps. The receiver tube will...
  13. moparmansfield

    WTB/Borrow stock rear bumper for fix it ticket

    Like the title says, looking to buy/rent/borrow a stock rear bumper for my cherokee to get a fix it ticket signed off. I have a modified hitch in place of the bumper but the cop wouldn't consider it a bumper. I travel to the bay and north bay often and reside in SLO.
  14. moparmansfield

    99 XJ hp30 gear install questions

    *I have searched and googled quite a bit and have only found bits and pieces of good information. Going to be finishing up this install this week and just want to make sure I got it right. This is my first gear install. For reference, these are G2 gears in the 4.56 flavor and a new carrier...
  15. moparmansfield

    Anyone have the Yukon clamshell puller?

    I'm going to attempt to install my d30 gears over winter break and it seams like that puller is an awesome tool to have on hand. Any of you guys have one you'd be willing to rent out?
  16. moparmansfield

    Leaf strength w/dirtbike carrier+loaded up

    Anyone have any issues bending/breaking the main leaf (oem or oem replacement) when really loaded down? I have the Crown "upcountry" replacement leafs which suck pretty bad. I have a 80lb dirtbike carrier plus a ~250lb dirtbike(leveraged out a good amount) plus gas/gear putting weight on the...
  17. moparmansfield

    ruffstuff lca's and stiffies and RE Trac bar

    Lowers are pretty dirty and could use a quick paint job, but are very solid. Only have around 2k miles on them. bushings and heims are in great condition. $120 Trac bar (2-4.5" lift)has newer bushing and heim-less than 500 miles. Trac bar bracket is oem converted to double shear. $60...
  18. moparmansfield

    Recommendations on ECO-AWD SUV?

    Well, the XJ is going to be on the chopping block again soon. With School starting soon and funds running tight(lots of bad luck recently cleaned me out, plus some), I want to get a fuel efficient small suv or wagon(mid 20's) to replace the XJ. I haven't driven the XJ in a couple months and I'd...
  19. moparmansfield

    Waggy front dana 44 4.88s detrot 8 lug

    Posting for a buddy. Waggy 44 with 4.88s and comes with a Detroit(not installed). has high steer arm? on passenger side. warn hubs. no calipers. knuckles have been turned for better pinion angle. 8 lug outers. Was working good but he's down sizing in his YJ. He's asking $600, not bad for a...
  20. moparmansfield

    No lift HD leaf springs?

    My stock leafs are completely shot on my 99 xj. My ride height is just around where I want it though, with maybe 1-1.5' more lift. I'm trying to find some leafs with a stronger main and a little stiffer, but not a lift leaf as I already have longer shackles and relocation boxes (around 3.5...