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  1. XJ Eric

    I'm Backkkkk!!

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, after a very long hiatus and a trip to the frozen wastes of North Dakota, I've returned to crawl around Texas. I'm over in Kerrville these days, the XJ is still mostly broken LOL. BUT I'm back :) Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. XJ Eric

    OK big problem

    OK so some genius put Diesel in the Premium tanks at the gas station. Buddy with 08 JKU filled up from empty. Well now, it appears as though the head gasket at the very least is blown. Somebody explain to me what happens in a motor when run with diesel?
  3. XJ Eric

    Western States Resource Advisory Council

    I wish I had seen this befor today but apperently the Bereau of Land Management is looking for volunteers to be a part of Resource Advisory Councils. I hope we got a hold of this and nominated someone. Like I said I wish I had seen...
  4. XJ Eric

    North Central North Dakota Club

    Hey All, we've started a club up here in Minot, ND. check out our page. Here's the group page for discussion. You'll need to request to be added to the group.
  5. XJ Eric

    KL board?

    The new cherokee is out. We gonna support this new cherokee? Don't come at me with naXJa crap. We support the MJ too.
  6. XJ Eric

    Service 4 wheel drive after dead battery on 08 Silverado

    Hey guys, this morning went out to start my truck and the battery was pretty weak. 15 below zero temp. My 08 Silverado LT Z71 with 189K miles had to be jumped and it's saying I have to service the 4 wheel drive. I hit the onstar button and they run the diagnostic. It comes up with lost...
  7. XJ Eric

    Minot North Dakota Jeeps/OHVs

    Well, I see A LOT of Jeeps and a decent number of XJs and a few grands running around this area with lifts and tires. There just isn't any Clubs. I'm not exactly forming a club per se, but I have started a Facebook page that's for the Minot/Northern/Central North Dakota area. It's only 24...
  8. XJ Eric

    Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

    SO, what are people's experiences so far? How much you have to pay? Trying to keep this as low threat as possible, so lets keep the GOP and DEM bashing to a minimum.
  9. XJ Eric

    TTFN so long for now

    Well Gents, and Ladies, After 7 years here in SW Oklahoma and a few false starts, I'm finally heading out. It's been fun! Didn't get to attend nearly enough event or get to gethers but I got to meet a few of you and it was fun! I'm still going to be here but now I'll be living the high life...
  10. XJ Eric

    FREE: RuggedRidge HD steering for XJ

    I just took this off of my XJ. It's pretty heavily used and the Tie Rods are done. But it's free. I'll try to get pics up later, or if you can't wait, PM me your Cell number and I can send them quicker. Eric
  11. XJ Eric

    Moving, NEED a trailer

    Hey Guys, as many know, I'm PCSing to the Great White North and since I don't trust the Jeep to make it that far, I've got to tow it. SOOOO, I'm looking for a trailer to haul it North. Preferably one with brakes, but I'll make due without if I have to. Anyone got anything they'd like to...
  12. XJ Eric

    Parts jeep. 2 door manual tranny Seems like asking price is a little high. I'd love to pick this up to build my trailer with it, but I've only got another 6 months here.
  13. XJ Eric

    Video Player?

    Ok, so I've got some random noises and creaks that I'm trying to nail down under the Jeep. So I mounted my Cheap cam corder underneath and shot some video. Of course the camera was upside down while taping and now I'm watching them upside down. I need to find a video player that can allow...
  14. XJ Eric

    trade my mudders for some ATs 35x16s

    So, with a pending move and the likelyhood that I will have to drive a lot further to work, its time to trade tires with somebody. I'm running 35x16 Goodyear MT/Rs. These are the old school ones. LOTS of tread left. I'll get exact measurements later. Two them have plugs but hold air no problem...
  15. XJ Eric

    WTB tires 265/70R17

    Looking to buy some tires for the Burban. Need 265/70R17s Wanting a fairly new set. Let me know if you have anything. -Eric
  16. XJ Eric

    Modify a TJ bumper to fit the XJ

    OK, I wasn't exactly sure which forum to put this in so here goes: I just picked up this bumper off of this jeep for nothing. Apperently the mounts pulled off the bumper. Road Armor didn't do a good job with the brackets, but the rest seems to be pretty solid. I have a buddy that is going...
  17. XJ Eric

    How many cans of Fix-a-flat?

    OK, SO my spare tire won't hold air. I can't find the hole. I've done the soapy water trick and nobody around here has a tub deep enough to submerge a 35 inch Wrangler MT. The air valve doesn't seem to leak either. None of the tire shops around here will put a inner tube in it. This tire...
  18. XJ Eric

    More wheeling! (This time it's for charity) Cross post from Lonestar Jeep Club. Bridgeport is offering free admission in exchange for donating blood. I'm hoping to get there for this one.
  19. XJ Eric

    Some local(ish) wheeling I guess this is just North of DFW. Looks like some fun!
  20. XJ Eric

    51 Willies, is it worth it?

    A guy is trying to trade me a 51 Willies 4x4. 4 cylinder, its been a farm rig forever and the body is rough. The owner thinks the points are bad but otherwise should run. I don't really want a project, so I'd probly flip it. Would it be worth it?