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  1. LBEXJ

    33KM2s for sale or trade

    My son has for sale a set of BFGoodrich KM2 tires.. They are 33x12.5x15 with a little under half tread left. He's looking for trade for a set of 35x12.5x15 Swampers or other MT tires... or if you have cash, 250$ PM me if interested..
  2. LBEXJ

    We Have a Birthday Boy!

    Happy Birthday Lawn Cher! Have a great day Mark ... Best Wishes! Les
  3. LBEXJ

    2wd Aw4

    I have a 2wd aw4 out of an 87 MJ. Need to get rid of it, 50 bucks. Located in Rockville IN. Thanks! Egg
  4. LBEXJ

    Now It's Scoob's Turn

    Hope you had a great day today. Happy Thirtyeth! Les BTW: How in the hell do you spell "thirtyeth"? :scratchhead:
  5. LBEXJ

    Winter @ Winterfest

    I don't care if it's 80 freakin' degrees this coming weekend, I've had my Winterfest. This weekend, I dug my pickup and trailer out of about 12" of snow with a 2" layer of ice in between. I've had to take a coal shovel and break up the frozen snow and ice, then shovel it off. Took all day...
  6. LBEXJ

    Birthday Bob

    Damn ... fortyseven years old. Have a great birthday today Bob and have many many more! Les
  7. LBEXJ

    Les has familly in somewhere

    Re: Winter Fest 2007 I have family in Ithaca ... :wave1: Les
  8. LBEXJ

    Happy Birthday Ramsey

    Damn pup ... just turned 21 years old today. Happy Birthday Ramsey ... hope you have many more. Les
  9. LBEXJ

    Happy Birthday Egghead (Buck)

    We'll ... he's finally able to chew legally. My Son just turned 18 today, and as well as becoming a legal adult, he's become a NAXJA Member. Love you son ... DaD
  10. LBEXJ

    Happy Birthday Laura!

    Happy Birthday, you sweet looking young lady, you! Sorry I could not make your party last night, but I'm sure you celebrated in true MWC style! Les
  11. LBEXJ

    Happy Birthday Lawn Cher'

    Happy Birthday Mark! No sense keeping this one kosher ... go hog wild and party! ;) Les
  12. LBEXJ

    69 Commando frame

    my buddy has a 1969 Jeep Comando restored frame, rebuilt v6 motor with tranny and t-case sittin in his yard. The tranny is the T-14 3 speed and the T-case is a D300. The Jeep also has brand new tires, and brand new brake lines all the way around. He wanted me to find out how much he could get...
  13. LBEXJ

    No Brake Pedal

    Just got done doing an axle swap in my son's 87' MJ. Installed a Dana 30 in the front, 8.8 in the rear. (Disk Brakes) We are using the stock calipers from both axles, all four calipers were dry. We also replaced the brake line on the 8.8. Heres where I ran into problems: First we bled the...
  14. LBEXJ

    '87 MJ

    My son found himself an '87 MJ a couple of days ago. I'll be picking it up today for him. I did not have a chance to really check it out to see what condition it is in, but I did see it sitting in the guys front yard. I do know it is a black 2WD, with an automatic transmission (shifter is on the...
  15. LBEXJ

    Winterfest Picture Thread

    What is Winterfest without a good ole picture thread of past events. I had this pic of Bob Loose from last year. I don't think this one has ever been posted. Les
  16. LBEXJ

    Happy Birthday Ranger

    ... now go out a get ya a little tail. Have a good Birthday ... ya pup! Les
  17. LBEXJ

    Birthday Brewmeister

    Happy Birthday wishes to Lesslimited. John ... Hopefully you have a special recipe to help you celebrate. Les
  18. LBEXJ

    Oil Filter Adaptor Seal Replacement

    I have picked up everthing I (think) I need to replace these seals. Having a good time :D. The bolt is being very stubborn. I tried clamping the T60 torx socket in a pair of Vicegrips, but they just slipped around the socket no matter how tight I clamped them (not enough room between the adaptor...
  19. LBEXJ

    Jeeplas is getting close ..

    Happy Birthday young lady ... noticed you have one more year til the big 40. Have a great day! Les
  20. LBEXJ

    Local News: Team Badlands

    This was published in one of the local papers (web site) about Team Badlands. Les