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  1. Supermanxj

    97+ JCR Quarter guards with integrated tail light.

    I have some 97+ JCR quarter guards with integrated tail light. These are not the latest ones with the upper quarter guards or rub rail. They look like this. I also have the flush mount brackets and clear LED brake, turn, and side marker light to go with them along with all the hardware. I...
  2. Supermanxj

    H&R tj coil springs

    Has any one used the h&r springs for a tj on an xj? TJ guys have used em for 1" of lift which IIRC is no lift on an xj. I am looking at them for a stocker that might see an autocross every once in a while and don't want...
  3. Supermanxj

    Wtb: 97+ classic/limited bumper end caps

    Looking to change my sport into a classic/limited so i am lookingfor the front and rear bumper end caps from a 97+ painted silver. Thanks
  4. Supermanxj

    Inverted-Y vs. crossover steering for DD/autox

    Just bought me a new DD/weekend autocrosser that I'd like to do the wj knuckle swap on for the benefits if bigger brakes. However, it will likely stay stock height so I'm wondering if there is any benefit to using the crossover steering like the wj has or just use the stock inverted-y steering...
  5. Supermanxj

    WTB. Dana 30/44 setup for Xj/tj/zj with 4.88's

    I am looking for a dana 30 or 44 setup with mounts for a xj/tj/zj with 4.88 gears. I would also highly consider HP30 4.88 r&p and/or a master install kit. Thanks, josh
  6. Supermanxj

    33" summit mud dawgs.

    I have a set of 4 Summit Mud Dawgs( Maxxis Bighorns rebranded) Selling for $150 Two Of them are at or above 1/2 tread and the other two are at or above 1/4 tread. Stock they have 20/32" of tread. the highest one I have is at 11/32" and the lowest is at 6/32". I also have an almost brand new...
  7. Supermanxj

    River Raider Snorkel Installed.

    I recently had my jeep over to My friends at River Raider Off-road to have one of there new Expedition Style snorkels installed on my heep. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It uses the stock air box and attaches on the hood rather than cowl which I thought was cool because there are...
  8. Supermanxj

    (4) 35" BFG krawlers on d-windows

    (4) 35x13.50 Bfg Krawlers on 15x8 for 5x4.5 black d windows balanced with airsoft bb's... 60-70% tread... mostly worn from shotcrete at Rausch. I have less than two runs on these from when I bought them... The good...THEY STICK LIKE GLUE TO THE ROCKS! Edges are rounded nice. The bad... I...
  9. Supermanxj

    35" krawlers, 4.0/aw4, suspension parts. XJ D44

    1.(4) 35x13.50 Bfg Krawlers on 15x8 for 5x4.5 black d windows balanced with airsoft bb's... 60-70% tread... mostly worn from shotcrete at rausch. I have less than two runs on these from when I bought them... The good...HOLY WOW THEY STICK LIKE GLUE TO THE RAWKS! The bad... I know for a fact...
  10. Supermanxj

    WTB: control arm drop brackets.

    looking for control arm drop brackets. don't really care what brand. LMK whatcha got. JOsh
  11. Supermanxj

    wtb: 97+ foglight switch

    I need the factory fog light switch for a 97+ that goes in the center console under the ac controls.
  12. Supermanxj

    WTB:32x11.5 Goodyear MTR's (old style)

    I am looking for at least 2 possibly 3 old style Goodyear MTR's with good tread left in the 32x11.50 flavor LMK whatcha got. Josh
  13. Supermanxj

    WTB: 297x D30 shafts

    297x shafts. I need them fairly soon. Let me know via PM. Josh
  14. Supermanxj

    WTB 3 inch leaf springs.

    BAstard pack or aftermarket. I NEEEEED leafs. In PA or maryland preferably. Josh
  15. Supermanxj

    Checking in from PA

    Hey RRC, Long time no talk to. So far PA has treated me okie dokie. Just a little bit colder in the winter and a lil less hot in the I am now in my sophomore year of college still studying mechanical engineering. If you guys remember the Superman XJ you will se it more often...
  16. Supermanxj

    Stock rear diveshaft.

    I need a stock rear driveshaft for ma beater. it has aw4 231 and 8.25. need before friday if possible
  17. Supermanxj

    Who is matt??

    Maybe I am outta the loop or it is an inside joke but i see this in a couple of people's SIG's... Friend's of Matt #.... who is matt and what is special boutim'??? josh
  18. Supermanxj

    RcRocs tomorrow May 2nd

    Any one gunta be there?? I will! gettin ideas for my xjuggy! hahaha Josh
  19. Supermanxj

    5-15x10 ar-23's and audio equip.

    i have five american racing ar-23's in the 15x10 flavor 5x4.5, with center caps. One has dent on back of rim (shown) and two have curb scars. $250 o.b.o for all five. Curb scar bent rim Audio equipment Dont really know what i have but i know it was really nice in my dad's truck...
  20. Supermanxj

    AX15 Clutch pedal wont go down

    I did search... 95 Cherokee sport 4.0 Ax15/231 3 in lift. Yesterday on my way home from work i pull out of work to get on the highway and as i try to shift into 2nd gear at about 2500 rpm. As i try to push in the will not even budge. so i try to lower rpms... still...