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  1. CountryXJer

    FS 88 xj proven wheeler Ready for NACfest!

    Time to let this one go! 4dr, 4.0, aw4, rear arb, 4.10, 3" lift w/coil and leaf spacers totaling ~ 4 1/2". running 31 10.50's. custom modified front hidden hitch, no rear sway, front jks discos. set up for aux battery on lh side. I'll even throw in the fire extinguisher (mounted in the rear...
  2. CountryXJer

    Loss of a Cherokee owner

    I saw this post on Jeep Cherokee Club. I thought people here might be interested in helping out this family. I also found this story about the woman who was killed...
  3. CountryXJer

    Site surfing problems (SLOW)

    Need some help here. This started about 2 months ago. If I browse the site as a "guest" , I have no problems with site pages loading. Once I sign in using my screen name, it takes about 35 seconds for any page to load. My system is as follows: P4 1.8Ghz, 640Meg RAM DSL running at 1.3 meg...
  4. CountryXJer


    Hey Guys and gals. I realize this is short notice, but I have a JEEP "geobug" that I would like to put out in the Seattle/Everett area. I am flying in tonight and need to know of a geocache location that is easily accessable for a car and in an area that is frequented by 4X4ers. Please PM me. I...
  5. CountryXJer

    Invasion PNW

    :wave: Howdy all. I am heading out to Albany Oregon for a highschool reunion. Might have some time to meet anybody in that area. Will be in around the 11th and leaving sometime on the 15th. Send a PM or email if in the area. :cheers:
  6. CountryXJer

    Waggy corner lens

    I am in need of the left hand corner lense for a 90 waggy. Any one have one laying around?
  7. CountryXJer

    Loaner walkie talkie and antenna

    I loaned out my spare/backup walkie talkie with magnetic mount antenna on saturday. I do not remember to whom :confused:, but if you see this please contact me so arrangments can be made for their return. TIA :angel: BTW I had a good time as usual with this bunch of people.:)