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  1. XJensen

    Aux fuse box

    I am looking into adding an aux fuse and relay box to properly run some electrical. I am looking at the following but was not sure if I need the relay side bus too, dual bus, or just the fuse side. I assume just the fuse side sense what I understand I should go from batter to bus to fuse to...
  2. XJensen

    Lockers for sale

    I will be selling my d44 30 spline Detroit and Ford 9" 31 spline Detroit in a couple months. Just throwing this out there in case someone is looking. The front d44 locker currently has a broken side gear. $100 part to fix. $50 as is or $200 and I'll fix. Rear is fine just swapping both out for...
  3. XJensen

    Rear inner stiffeners

    I once found a dude in I believe the north west that sold a rear stiffener for the inner rail and wrapped to the bottom as well. I can't find the site now. Anyone have a link or know if he is still making them?
  4. XJensen

    Pic link test
  5. XJensen

    Off set TREs

    I bought these quite a while back and never needed them, running standard stuff. I have two right and one left. These are "Chevy 1 ton" offset ends from Ruffstuff. Shoot me a reasonable offer.
  6. XJensen

    Ignition wiring blues

    2001 xj Jeep would turn on with the key but would not turn over, not even a click from the starter. Few days later it fired up and then on the second start the starter cut out after a second. I checked all the fuses and swapped relays no luck. I turned the key on and jumper the starter...
  7. XJensen

    So. Cal Rubicon run

    FYI Incase you guys want to meet up with some So Cal guys.
  8. XJensen

    Misfire cylinder 5

    I have had a misfire on cylinder 5 and swapped out the coil. That seemed to help a lot but is getting worse again and just threw another code, I still need to scan the new code.... Just wanted to start a thread and get ideas rolling. I need this fixed soon to pass smog...
  9. XJensen

    Wheeling this weekend

    I realize most are heading to SierraFest and I wish I was too. Anyone up for Barrett this weekend?
  10. XJensen

    Working on junk

    I will be in the garage again tonight. Goals. Hydro assist and new sway bar links Rear stiffeners too but highly unlikely tonight Located in EDH Post up I you want to head over
  11. XJensen

    Bent tie rod ends

    So am running a 44 front with Ruffstuff hi steer arms and a true cross over steering. I have a TNT truss and room is tight between the axle side pan hard bracket and the tie rod. I would rather not cut up the bracket but want some more turning radius back. I bought some offset TREs but space...
  12. XJensen

    WTB: 2001 clock spring with cruise control

    Let me know what you have
  13. XJensen

    Hydro assist ram position

    I have a PSC hydro assist kit now so i need to figure out how to mount the ram. At first glance my two possibe options with my setup are below the tie rod, not great for the rock but could build a skid, or behind the tie rod and under the pan hard. I read about measuring throw and sway, I feel I...
  14. XJensen

    Raffle winners

    Mechanics cover donated by Rick- Chris (NorCalChris) CB radio - Karl (BigKintheXJ) Head light restoration kit donated by Rick - Eric (EricsXJ) MREs donated by Doc Moe - Jon (Blondejoncherokee ) RWK Haus Yukon Yoke - Josh (XJensen ) gifted to Lou Mechanics cover & head light restoration kit -...
  15. XJensen

    Pic thread

    Got home and just got back from the pool with the kids! Thanks to everyone for making this a great trip. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. Post them up!
  16. XJensen

    Looking to use a reamer tonight or in the morning

    I need to get a little more depth on my Ruffstuff high steer arm. The high angle drag link end does not seat in deep enough to get the but on
  17. XJensen

    Sway bar drop brackets

    Frame side drop brackets. Price 1 22oz American brew
  18. XJensen

    Free front floor mats

    LL Bean waterhogs I can bring them to SierraFest if needed or you pick them up here.
  19. XJensen

    Inner steering box brace

    This is the plate inside the frame rail. Made by TNT customs. $40 obo
  20. XJensen

    Mtn biking

    Looks like there is a ski resort near by were you can ride for $30 all day. Who is down for a Sunday ride? They rent bikes too