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  1. Skwerly

    Looking: 4.5" Lift?

    Got a buddy who is looking for a 4.5" lift, I believe it's a '92 HO XJ. Thanks for any information! :)
  2. Skwerly

    Lowdown on small trailer axles?

    I asked this a while back, but I cannot find the thread. Anyhow, I've a small utility/pickup bed type trailer that has a Ford 9" underneath it which makes it unreal heavy. Anyone know where to get regular axles for small trailers? Mine is in the 4x6 range, just a little guy.
  3. Skwerly

    Air sand/media blasters: What's good?

    I would like one of these. I don't want HF junk and I really don't want to spend $200. Obviously, a name brand is going to be better than China junk but I'm wondering if any of you specifically have experience with one you'd recommend. Lead the way! I'd like something in between this...
  4. Skwerly

    Cajon Pass Tollhouse Sites

    Has anybody explored specifically for these sites? There were two tollhouses, one upper and one lower, on an 1800s road that went through the pass near the Glen Helen area. Text is long, but if anyone skims it and sees something familiar, I could sure use...
  5. Skwerly

    Frigidaire stackable washer/dryer - $200 (Yucaipa)

    Really nice Frigidaire stackable unit works flawlessly. Simply selling because house doesn't need one. Runs on 220 volt outlet. Bring truck or trailer can help load. Clean. Price firm -- you know what these are worth.
  6. Skwerly

    Wanted: '02 Grand mechanical fan

    My father got an ’02 Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 and it doesn’t have a fan on it at all. He’s wanting one, with or without the clutch. I do believe he has the clutch, can’t find the actual blades. Watcha got? :)
  7. Skwerly

    WTB: Utility Trailer Axle

    I have a 9" Ford or something equally stupid under my small utility trailer, and I'd like that to change. Anyone have anything lying around they want to get rid of? Or maybe know of someone parting out an old box trailer? Here's mine:
  8. Skwerly

    WTB: 35" tires

    Looking for at least four 35s for a 15" rim--used, not trashed. Bonus if they are all the same brand and wear. 36s x 15 work too, if you happen to have a set.
  9. Skwerly

    Lookin' for 16" wheels

    If you have a set you want to get rid of and it has the XJ bolt pattern, hit me up. I’m looking. They don’t have to be wide; in fact, I don’t want 'em wide. Thanks! :D
  10. Skwerly

    For Sale: Lifted 1988 XJ with Tricks

    Well, I hate to do it but I have the Ramcharger now and obviously have little need for two off-road vehicles. :D Asking $4500 OBO--this Jeep is worth it. Has never once let me down. The Good: Rusty's 4.5” all spring lift combined with pucks and shackles to put the Jeep...
  11. Skwerly

    Axial Scorpion with tricks: $400

    I have an awesome RC crawler for sale. It’s an Axial Scorpion with a black VW body. I paid $300 for the crawler and have a LOT of extras to go with it. Hotbodies white dot crawler tires Wheel weights (keeps it from rolling over as easily) Aluminum drive shafts...
  12. Skwerly

    Anyone have any 36-38" tires?

    Kinda sorta maybe lookin' for some bigger meats for the Ramcharger. Of course, something on the cheap which means something with little tread, I realize that. Also, 15" rim is a must. Lemme know what ya got! :)
  13. Skwerly

    Skwerly's '78 Ramcharger 440: Slow Build

    Here is my 1978 Ramcharger. It has a 440 and some other goodies, and a whole lot of project to it. :P The good: Already lifted. Guy says it’s a 4” but it sits 56” high at the hood and looks like it could eat 38s without much trouble. My guess is 6”, but I’m no expert on these--yet...
  14. Skwerly

    Man offs himself at NRA sponsored race

    Figured I'd link y'all to my newest article, which is a unique take on something that happened in great big ole Texas. :D My article.
  15. Skwerly

    Skwerly's Online Yard Sale

    Jeep Cherokee doors, early style. Three are red and one is black. The red ones are electric windows, and the black driver door is manual crank. Good shape. $20 per door, or $60 takes all four. Spare D44 shafts, $30 takes em both. Jeep Cherokee hatch, early style, black. $40. Sirius...
  16. Skwerly

    Time for Change

    I’m truly and honestly not going to make this a whine thread. Those of you who have met me will know that it is not. I’ve been a good standing, red member since Jan of 2007. I have organized runs, I have been at all but one SoCalFest, I have been to a grip of work/lift parties, I have...
  17. Skwerly

    New story! Death's Ride!

    My newest short story, Death's Ride, went live on Amazon! It's 99 cents. The story is eerie, but not horror, really. I'd greatly, truly, really really appreciate the read and review! Here's the blurb: Harris finds himself faced with a choice that could save his life – or end it. When a...
  18. Skwerly

    My new author site!

    I've my own author site! Tell me it doesn't kick maximum booty. My main blog is linked to it, as well as my chess, bicycle, and other blogs. Also, of course, any stories I have or will have published. Many are in the works. I just got done with three for the editing process. It's the...
  19. Skwerly

    My chess story is on Amazon! :)

    So, after *much* hard work and tedious hours editing, my paranormal chess story, “The Empty Chair”, is finally available for Kindle download. The price is $0.99. This was the first story I wrote that I actually really, really liked and invested a lot into. It’s been tweaked so many...
  20. Skwerly

    Anyone have a BMX bike for cheap/free?

    I have someone whose kid wants a BMX bike for Christmas, and I don't have a 20" project bike at the moment. Brand and condition do not matter, just something for me to build. Thanks! :)