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    Project "why cant i leave anything alone" mj build

    Hello all i been on here for a few years now and have owned and done a few bolt on jeep xjs tjs and a yj. My last wheeler was a 99 tj and loved it but wheel base wasnt for my style wheeling. before that i had a 97 xj long arm lockers yadda yadda. I recented picked up a 88 mj and started...
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    leaf spring bolts

    So i was trying to add a bastard pack to my 1989 xj. Well got every bolt off but the to front ones opposite of shackles. The passenger one just turns and turns and the driver side wont turn at all. Ive broke two sockets on the driver side. And i thought about usein a hole drill for the unibody...
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    rough idle lil help

    Hey guys i have a 1989 xj with the 4.0 and aw4, 5" lift and 33's and stock gears. Well my problem is i have a rough idle and it runs poor when light acceration. It runs fine when your accerating. I just replaced CPS and the coil and still does it. The xj has 202.XXX. I think it might be the O2...
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    T-case sliping or front axle

    HI guys i have a problem i was wheeling and and either the axle disconnect or the t case is slipping. i was heading up and something kicked out and makes a nice grinding noice then kicked in. i checked all three hose for vacumm and all hooked up.
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    power steering fluid a wierd color

    HI i was checking my fluids last night and the power steering fluid is a bright orange color. The guy that had the xj before was a idiot so who knows. But i ran like a half gallon of new fluid to try and flush it out but its still the same color i dont understand never had this prob. And i have...
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    clunk in four drive on high way

    Ok not having a good day with the XJ. So its snowing out and while in 4H accerating it clunks like its kickin in and out of four wheel drive. I already have the vac line zipped tide on so im pretty sure its not losing vac. Its def up front but cant tell if its t- case or axle shaft. any ideas...
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    tail lights not wrong little help

    no brake light or dash lights fuse is good under dash bulbs are good every thing else works.