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    mounting old style stock tire carrier to newer XJ ----> HELP

    My friend had this laying around from a part out so i got it for 50 bucks, and it seems to be not fitting very well, it seems like it wants to flop onto one side when i fold it out as if opening it, and im wondering if anyone has pictures of this on an older or newer XJ just to see how it opens...
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    bumper/brush guard --- > NC

    bumper/brush guard, wraps around the lights. very nice and sturdy, comes with fog lights attached. $100 Willing to ship, buyers expence. Located in Charlotte NC.
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    parting 95 2wd and 4wd parts, 4.0, lockers

    95 cherokee, white 123k on 4.0 Engine, comes with computer, doesnt smoke or anything. - $400 with computer and wiring harness. AW4 tranny - $300obo 8.25 rear axle - $150 obo LSD available (brand new) two front Dana 30s from other cherokees - one locker available (brand new) axles, seats...
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    FEELER: 2000 XJ Sport 4X4 60K

    need something better on gas so i gotta get rid of the Jeep. Parents bought it about 3 years ago, runs like a charm, but occasionally is a PITA. Did very light offroading with it (small trails behind friends house) everything works fine now, did have problems at first, bought from carmax and...
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    Feeler: D30/Chy. 8.25, stock suspension stuff

    Im getting ready to lift my Cherokee, getting rid of all stock suspension items and stock axles from my 2000 XJ, everything has less than 60k miles on them. Rear driveshaft as well. even stock tires and rims, if you need something, let me know and ill get it to you as soon as i can. 120 takes...
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    8" lift kit components

    Im looking for everything needed to get 8" of lift. Prefer Heavy Duty stuff due to going to have bumpers and such. looking for 8" coils, either 8" leaf packs or 6" leaf packs with 2" shackle, Long travel shocks (either stem or eye style, i have converters) need atleast two, four would be...
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    4 KC style lights

    NOT ACTUAL KC LIGHTS!!!!! they are just as good and work REALLY well. Black houseing with blue lens, but burn white. Will send pictures at request, just drop an email. $40 dollars for all four, or $10 each. Shipping up to buyer. Thanks, Austin
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    Maxxis 31 x 10.5 R15 Buckshot Mudders

    LOTS of tread left, bought these thinking i would use them for my CJ, but CJ fell through and so i dont need them anymore. I paid $300 for them, then found out one has a large staple in it, so i will take $250 (thats the usual price for about 1.5) for them (my loss, your gain) i can get it...
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    6" KC lights

    i have 4 6" KC lights, sell all together for $40 or each for $10 shipping is up to the buyer. Will get pics ASAP.
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    10" audiobahn subwoofers

    These are Audiobahn AW1005X 10" subwoofers. I bought them with plans to install in cherokee, but now i need money, paid 100 each for them, will take 150 for both. If intrested also can get box to go with for extra 50 dollars. will get pictures upon request. Buyer responsible for shipping...
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    Rock Rails

    Ive got a set of Rocky Road Outfitters Rock Sliders (not step sliders). I have most bolts and such. Rails are used, they show it. I bout them of a guy for $175 and never used them. Id like to get that money back since i never used them. These things are about $260 new, so your getting a...
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    3" lift, Budget Boost, Quick Discos, Rustys Adj. track bar

    3" Superlift Super Ride kit - Rear leaf packs, front coils, off set LCAs, and shocks. $300 + S&H 2" Rubicon Express Budget Boost - Front poly spacer, rear Ext. Shackle $65 + S&H Rustys Adj. Track bar- Hardly used $100 + S&H JKS Quick Disconnects - again, hardly used $75 + S&H If intrested...
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    Tie Rod replacement

    I recall my friend telling me he had a different tie rod than a stock one, but it wasnt big daddy or anything, he said that it was off a Dodge ram, if anyone knows if this will work id like some feedback, also what year and model ram to look at.
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    2" budget boost

    Selling a Rubicon Express 2" budget boost, front spacer and rear shackle. $65, shipping is on your dime.
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    3" Cherokee Lift

    3" superlift lift kit, comes with everything needed, front coils, rear leaf packs, LCAs, Shocks (front and rear). $300 LCAs have greaseable bushings on both sides of the arm. I am willing to ship, but its on your dime. Ill answer any and all questions. If you need a shipping quote ill be...
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    hellcreek suspensions

    I searched earlier about this kit, people said it was alrigh but it would be best to upgrade shocks and brake lines. The question i have now, is on the description page that i plan to buy it from, it says it has a "shimless leaf pack design" now im wondering if this is true or am i going to...
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    Pioneer MP3/CD/XM head unit

    Selling my CD head unit, dont need it cause i dont listen to it enough when traveling now. Plays CD/MP3/WMA any kind of Audio Files, it is XM satellite ready. Detachable face plate and remote as well.Unit is still in great shape, all buttons and functions work, no broken wires or anything. No...
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    electrical issues? tranny?

    Hey yall, i keep haveing this problem with my Jeep, its a 2000 Cherokee Sport. My guages keep reading that i have an over charge on the volt meter, so i pull over stop the engine and let it sit for a second and it goes away for awhile, but itll come back, sometimes it just goes away. Tonight i...
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    winch bumper and rocker guard questions

    I got a REALLY good deal on a C4X4 bumper and couldnt pass it up cause the guy was comeing through town. He had it on a 1991 Cherokee and I have a 2000 Cherokee. I was wondering if there will be any mounting issues? and if so is there any kind of solution to the issue. Also I bought Rock...
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    Which locker

    Im intrested in buying lockers, but not sure exactly what to get. Could someone point me in the right direction? I have a 2000 Cherokee Sport D30 front and Chrysler 8.25" rear, not sure of what spline, will try to find out (or if someone knows, go ahead and post) In advance thank you for all...