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  1. AwesomeXJ

    Merry Christmas NWC

    Merry Christmas and good will to you all!
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    Sup y'all? Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
  3. AwesomeXJ

    Need a meet n greet

    So, I'm all but out of the OHV scene. I don't have a rig worthy to my standards for off-road use nor the funds to make it or repair it. But I miss hanging with my NAXJA peeps. I haven't noticed a meet n greet in a while and think it would be nice to hang with old friends and perhaps meets...
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    Wow, I gotta get in here more often. I've been off the forum for a WHILE. LOL
  5. AwesomeXJ

    Tuff truck challenge idea

    Ok, so some of you know i am in the middle of a motor swap into my 99xj. So i have this 94 donor that after its said and done is otherwise gonna get scrapped. But what if we as a chapter pitch in together to build this 94xj with the purpose of entering the tuff truck competition @ the clark...
  6. AwesomeXJ

    Wanted: d30 axle stubs

    I am in need of 2 d30 outer axle stubs. I don't have money to buy any so i am looking for trail damaged ones. As long as they will bolt into a bearing is all i care about. Can anybody help me out?
  7. AwesomeXJ

    Longer shock question

    Im planning a 6.5in lift. All the shocks i find come in either 6in or 7in lift size. Should i just get the ones for 7in of lift?
  8. AwesomeXJ

    3in lift springs

    3in lift coils & bastard packs $150obo Willing to trade for double sheer tracbar w/ brop bracket for 6in lift obo Located in Vancouver WA.
  9. AwesomeXJ

    Project Gunny

    So picked up my buddies old jeep The Sarge. No drivetrain or suspension. Still has gas tank skid, 1 corbeau gt seat and 2 sets 5 point harnesses, zj master, steel tail light boxes with red/orange leds, extended break lines, rear bumper that the swing arm in my garage fell off of and acos. Oh...
  10. AwesomeXJ

    Thinking about swapping out my ax15 in the future

    I was surfing the interwebs today and came upon an interesting article from JP. That got me thinking about possibly swapping my ax15 out for a NVG3550. It's still a 5pd though it's 1st gear would...
  11. AwesomeXJ

    Help a young boy with a Make-A-Wish wish come true

    I know its super short notice, (I only just found out myself) but how cool would it be to get as many of us together for this. I'll. Be there with the wife.
  12. AwesomeXJ

    Tattoo thread.

    Ok, who's got em? Lets see em. Here's the one i got tonight, my first with any color.
  13. AwesomeXJ

    Weird stuff after sye

    97 xj 4.0 ax15 np231 3in lift So this past weekend i put in an sye. While driving home my speedo went out, i did install the retaining rings to keep speedo gear in place. I inspected it and checked the plug, all looks good. But still no signal. Also, since the install my engine is running...
  14. AwesomeXJ

    Help. Tc wont shift

    So the tc shifted perfect when we put it in. But now it will only do 2h and half way to 4h. It makes no sense.
  15. AwesomeXJ

    NWC Ultimate Bucket List

    Pretty simple idea, just post one thing at a time to do before you die. Pls keep it fun and within forum rules. Lets see how big a list we can get.
  16. AwesomeXJ

    Need a mobile certified Diesel Mechanic

    OK I know its not XJ related but I know there are a lot of Mechs in here so I'm gonna give you guys the first shot. We got this big transloader at my work that has a 1991 Ford BSD 444T turbo diesel engine that needs work.... We can't seem to get anyone out here to work on it let alone look at...
  17. AwesomeXJ

    Happy new year

    Happy new year NWC. Everyone be safe and I'll see ya next year!
  18. AwesomeXJ

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got a craftsman bolt-on drill system, some sweaters and pjs, an AZ Cardinals pillow pet. I also got some new tools from a few nwc members. Thx guys.
  19. AwesomeXJ

    What to do with $122

    So I ordered the coils and leads I needed and have $122 left over. Here are my options: Set of boomarang shackels - $86 Hd shackel relocation brackets - $120 Set of 6.5in longer break lines - $115 Unibody stiffeners - $100 Re SYE - $122 + $30(out of pocket) Set of glass h4 headlights - $80 I...
  20. AwesomeXJ

    Happy thanksgiving NWC