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  1. fireLt.

    Garage Find Project

    Hi all! Bet you thought I was long gone. Been busy with my new business so not much time for Jeeps and stuff. I picked up this beauty last weekend from some family friends. It's not mine, but I have been tasked with prepping it to sell. I know the history of this car from day 1. I knew both...
  2. fireLt.

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all you procreation participants out there. Have a great day.
  3. fireLt.

    Jumped ship and Caught a Ride on the Traitor Train

    Soon the YJ's will take over the chapter! Hahahahahaha...... Now you know why I have all these parts for sale. My new ride. 92 YJ, 4.0, AX15, Atlas 2 speed 5 to 1, Full width HP44 front 5.13's Detroit, Rear 8.8 5.13's Detroit. It's sitting on my 37 Iroks. He kept his tires as part of the deal...
  4. fireLt.

    THOR Cowl Intake Located in Craig, Colorado. $150 shipped.
  5. fireLt.

    Land Use

    I was reading this thread in another chapter. Colorado is a place of millions of acres of public land and many wilderness areas. Because of that I know lots of folks that use public lands for motorized and non motorized uses. In the thread...
  6. fireLt.


    Purchased a cold air intake from me. Smooth transaction all the way around.
  7. fireLt.

    Lt's Eff One Fiddy

    Hey blue oval fans (I know there is one or two of ya in here) I did some trading with my folks and ended up with their 2005 F150. They wanted my 2k dually diesel to tow the fifth wheel they will be getting soon. Since I have got a divorce, sold the camper, and travel the highways more, it was a...
  8. fireLt.

    2008 Lance 1131 Camper

    Look here for details.
  9. fireLt.

    Todays fun, something new

    Last December I set out to overhaul myself. I was overweight and way out of shape, physicaly and mentaly drained. I changed my eating habits, quit drinking, began a daily work out routine, and read many self help books. Today was one of a few pay off days I have scheduled this Summer. Today I...
  10. fireLt.

    Trough Trail, Moab, 21 Road

    For those that don't venture into the Moab thread. Yella and I are looking at running Trough Trail Sunday May 22nd, heading out to Moab all week then running 21 Road (Grand Junction) on our way out on the 27th or 28th. Anybody want to join us?
  11. fireLt.

    Anybody Here Own/Manage A Resteraunt?

    No, I am not looking to do either one. I have some questions about what you pay to have your range hood fire suppression system inspected. If you can share that info with me PM or post up. Thanks
  12. fireLt.

    231 T Case, SYE, 2 Low, Big Chain

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I bought an Atlas so I don't need this case anymore. 231 out of my 96. 100k miles. Advance Adapter SYE. 20-25k miles Teraflex 2 low kit-new in box, not installed in the case yet. Big chain kit-chain is new, gears...
  13. fireLt.


    All, Sorry to have to do this but I am resigning my position on the BOD. I have some big changes coming in my life and I will not have time for BOD duties, or Jeepin in general. I can't give the details at this time but will at a future date. I appreciate what you all do here and wish you the...
  14. fireLt.

    Sale Thread Can't we clean up this thread and let this poor guy try and get 12k for his Jeep? We all know he won't but we should shit can the BS and unlock his thread. Thanks for locking the clusterfawk up, it was turning into a train wreck. I would do...
  15. fireLt.

    Colorado Fest 2011 Location Poll

    This thread is to determine where we are going to have 2011 Colorado Fest. Poll is open for 30 days so get your votes in.
  16. fireLt.

    Winter is here

    Gettin ready to go to work and this is the scene outside.
  17. fireLt.

    ARB mini compressor

    New in box ARB mini compressor model CKSA12. Looks like most vendors are $150ish. I will do $125 shipped. Only for actuating up to 2 lockers-not for airing up tires. Located in Craig Colorado.
  18. fireLt.

    Can We Get To Wilson Park?

    Short answer is yes. Went and did some heavy duty snow bashing today with some friends. Our goal was to try and make it to Wilson Park off of the Yellow Jacket Pass Road. It was 4 Toyotas and me in the Cherokee. Feeling a little outnumbered I took lead to show them how it's done. Things were...
  19. fireLt.

    2011 Colorado Fest

    We have started the planning process for Co Fest 2011. Looking for some input from the Chapter. 1. What did you like/dislike about last years event? 2. Would you like to see us move to a different location? Montrose has been suggested. I get the feeling most are tired of BV. 3. Do you plan on...
  20. fireLt.

    RC crawlers

    Looking at getting the boys RC crawlers for Christmas. They are 13 and 10. The Axial SCX10 looks like a decent rig and comes as a RTR kit. I am well aware that these things are just like our big boy Jeeps, hundreds of dollars can be bolted on. Anybody have one of these? Any other rig you might...