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  1. Kittrell

    Audi S5

    Starting to feel like Troy over here. :jester: My Audi Exclusive Teak Brown Metallic 2010 S5 landed today. Audi Exclusive colors are not standard options. They have a selection of upgraded colors available every year, but you are typically walking into the dealer and building your car, they...
  2. Kittrell

    Lost a Trooper

    My best man's brother was taken from us last night. I knew him most of my life. He was an accident investigator and was on scene of a bad wreck out near Deer Trail. Someone blew through the scene and tagged him. Terrible, terrible loss...
  3. Kittrell

    Dell PC

    Have a spare machine lying around, this was a Dell refurb. $299 I have no use for it anymore. These are great to turn into a cheap little gaming rig. You can drop in a ZOTAC GTX 1050ti low profile (they run about $170 used)...
  4. Kittrell

    Boating Accident

    It's been a while since we all talked about our unfortunate boating accidents. She was a beauty while I still had her. Pawn shop status Preban Config
  5. Kittrell

    Stolen Audis

    So both of our Audis were lifted last night. In possibly the worst luck ever, I had just swapped the nav from the convertible back to the sedan. We went somewhere in the WK right after so I had tossed both spare keys in the center console. Someone got into the WK last night (not sure how, no...
  6. Kittrell

    The Overland

    I scooped this up today, saw it last night in a random search after talking to Lopez about the old WK. Replacing the convertible has been on our list for a while, just not a high priority. I could not pass this one up though, 2008 Overland, 5.7 Hemi, 63k, one owner from Boulder, non-smoker...
  7. Kittrell

    Parts Train?

    Anyone able to run a light bar from the Broomfield area to the Springs.
  8. Kittrell

    Final Note

    Alright gents, I'm out, Mike is in. Monies - we are sitting on $1,945.54. $500 of that is earmarked for buying the rest of our trail signs. It ended up being a huge pain in the ass to get the grant directly to our trail system. So Mike is going to work with the Forest Service and just order...
  9. Kittrell

    Elections Are Up

    Vote :callme:
  10. Kittrell

    2018-2019 Chapter President Nominations

    It's that time of year. Please post your nominations for the 2018-2019 Chapter President. This thread will run for 2 weeks, nominations will close on 11/16. Any red letter member is eligible to run, including current Board members. The member must be nominated by another red letter member and...
  11. Kittrell

    Shooting in Thornton

    Hope everyone here is OK. Shooting at the Walmart about 6 miles from me in Thornton last night. Scary stuff, appears to be random. Guy is still on the loose.
  12. Kittrell

    Motion to Dissolve DAL Positions

    I hereby motion to dissolve the 4 Director at Large positions on the Colorado Chapter Board of Directors. The dissolution will be effective at the end of their respective terms or if the seat becomes vacant, whichever occurs first. Southern Director - December 31st 2017 Northern Director -...
  13. Kittrell


    Alright folks, nominations for positions will go up on 11/1. The President and Southern Director will be up for reelection. First note, I will not be running again. I will be done after this term. Second note, I would recommend that we discontinue the extra Director's seats at the end of their...
  14. Kittrell

    Overhead Console

    This is plug and play for a '99. Full harness, roof bracket and temp sensor. Display works well (I used to have a picture) and all of the markings are still fully intact. This will work with other years but the plugs at the body end were changed, so you need to do a little rewiring. Looking for...
  15. Kittrell

    Colorado Chapter Meet 'n Greet & Raffle!

    Hey folks, it's time for us to get together again before you tuck your rig away for the winter! Where Punch Bowl Social 65 Broadway Denver, CO 80203 When November 11th, 2017 11 AM - 2 PM We will be holding a raffle with some great stuff...
  16. Kittrell

    Saxon Adopt-a-Road, 8-26-17

    Had a great turnout today, thanks everyone for coming out. The weather was great, the FS guys were awesome, and we got a lot of new signs on the trail.
  17. Kittrell

    Meet And Greet

    We need to hold a Denver area meet and greet to include our raffle from COFest, as we were rained out and everyone headed home. This may actually be a blessing as the raffle would have included a whopping 5 people at best. We can probably get quite a few more people out on Saturday to win some...
  18. Kittrell

    Pictures Thread

    We had a pretty small group this year, but thank you to everyone who came out and battled the weather! The Jeep loaded up for the drive out. Just kidding, new driveline grind, transfer everything to the Audi. ColoradoFest number 4 with no wheeling by me and number 2 that I brought an Audi...
  19. Kittrell


    We are officially rained out, it is 55 degrees and raining sideways with no signs of slowing. Everyone has left or is leaving camp. My wife and I will be the last ones to roll out. We will schedule a meet and greet in the next month to hold the raffle. I apologize to anyone who was coming down...
  20. Kittrell

    Saturday Dinner & Raffle

    As is customary we will hold our raffle and Chapter sponsored dinner on Saturday at the end of the trip. This will be held at the campground. Come ready to win! JKS 1" Lift Shackle JKS Steering Box Brace TNT $100 Certificate TNT $100 Certificate TNT $100 Certificate Napier Hood Vents...