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  1. shortxjdoug

    garage cleanout engine, tcase, random other stuff

    time to make a little room. all this crap is in chattanooga tn, i'll ship the small stuff on your dime. list may change i'm always finding more stuff 1987 renix 4.0 amc block runs great unknown mileage could use a mainseal and a pan gasket. complete top to bottom with manifolds and drive...
  2. shortxjdoug

    1989 Jeep Comanche Longbed 4x4

    I have found something I want and the good old truck is up for sale. This truck is a dead nuts reliable daily driver and has always done a lot of work for me when I've needed it to. specs 1989 Comanche MJ LWB Renix 4.0 aw4 automatic (23 spline output) np242 tcase, boostwerks shift linkage...
  3. shortxjdoug

    Wtb tcase shifter and linkage 87-95

    So i need a complete stock tcase shifter and linkage if anyone has one laying about. I already have the transmission bracket i just need the rest of the pieces of the puzzle
  4. shortxjdoug

    Southern comanche almost 4x4

    You know you want it. It's ready to dd and finish.
  5. shortxjdoug

    89 jeep comanche almost 4x4

    A great man once said never sell a jeep, but he had a lot more room to store them than I do so it's time to let one go. Up for sale is my beloved 89 comanche truck. It has been a fantastic truck, drives great and has proven to be a reliable dd. I really don't want to sell it but i'm ready to...
  6. shortxjdoug

    Carnage award needs a lift.

    Who will be passing through the east tn area to grab the carnage award and tote it up. I will also be in sparta tn july 1st if any of the middle tn crew will be passing by
  7. shortxjdoug

    Southern Comanches for sale thread

    So every now and then i get a call to keep an eye out for clean comanches for sale. I figured it might be easier if we all kept a running tally of trucks that might not have made craigslist. Because just like little lost puppies, i want them all to go to good homes Spotted this little jewel at...
  8. shortxjdoug

    wtb auto front driveshaft

    whose got a decent one laying about? im in the chattanooga area
  9. shortxjdoug

    97-01 xj gas tank

    Poly xj tank, no pump. 25$
  10. shortxjdoug

    Help needed east of denver! Trailer carnage

    Hey guys were headed to moab and our second group lost hub number 2 and tire 3 on the way to denver. The first hub went in illinois at 9 last night and they have been driving one rig and the tow rig all night with only an hour rest. We really need a break to go our way. These guys have been...
  11. shortxjdoug

    Wtb hp30

    Need a non disco hp30. Wont be back from moab until the 6th but i figured ill start looking now
  12. shortxjdoug

    D44 grizzly locker BNIB 3.92+

    Brand new in box grizzly. 400 plus shipping
  13. shortxjdoug

    Anybody from the carolinas coming to the windrock flog?

    I needs a favor :D andy has a winch i bought in a moment of weakness. If it could find its way to knoxville (or remotely close) that would be a huge help!
  14. shortxjdoug

    Axle builder kit. Hp44 and 8.8

    We're thinning the herd and all this axle stuff is in the way and probably wont get used for some time. Its a great way to start building a killer axleset, just isn't complete. Parts list: all brand new in box unless noted G2 hp44 5.13 gears G2 ford 8.8 5.13 gears G2 master install kits for...
  15. shortxjdoug

    Wtb v8 zj coils

    Anybody have any before i go digging through the pullapart?
  16. shortxjdoug

    Parts train, nc to tn.

    Josh (redheep) has an aw4 in richlands nc that needs to make a westward trip. Anyone from around there headed my way with a bit of room to spare?
  17. shortxjdoug

    Wtb hp30.

    Need a complete hp30 for the truck. Ujoint size doesnt matter as long as its non disco
  18. shortxjdoug

    Wifey jeep PROJECT for sale.

    So sam is going to culinary school and as much as it pains both of us she has decided to sell her jeep project to free up some assets. Currently its on jackstands and can be put on roller axles to be moved. Clean title in hand, ready to go. Jeep 2000 sport aw4 231. Power doors and windows...
  19. shortxjdoug

    Wtb renix ac parts.

    Looking for some underhood stuff for renix ac. I have a compressor. So i pretty much need lines and a condenser if anyone has this stuff laying around.
  20. shortxjdoug

    Wtb v8 zj coils

    If anyone has some around id be much obliged