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  1. Cottontail

    Land Between The Lakes annual workday

    The annual work day is scheduled for April 18 this year. It is a day of cleaning and repairing trails at Turkey Bay. In the past we’ve done boundary line painting, weed whacking, trash pick up on the trails and in the camp grounds. They usually start around 9 am. It’s free admission for...
  2. Cottontail

    Removing these things

    I guess this is some sort of sound deadening? No really sure. I have 5 pieces stuck to the floor of the XJ and they don't really peel off. The bottom is like tar. Just super sticky. The top is shiny and reflective - kind of like real thick aluminum foil. I pulled the carpet and am going...
  3. Cottontail

    JP Magazine

    I just got an e-mail from the TEN Network of publishers. JP Magazine has been discontinued. I've got every single issue dating back to 2000. Bad way to start a week.
  4. Cottontail

    Battery Temperature Sensor

    I have a 2001 XJ and inside the battery tray is a battery temp sensor. Well, I busted that tray when I rolled the Jeep, so I went to the junkyard and got a different tray out of a 1996 or older model that doesn't have that sensor. Now, when I start the truck and run it, I get a code 1492 and...
  5. Cottontail

    Land Between The Lakes - October 26

    I'm getting Annie out for the first time since I rolled her in July 2018. Planning to be at the Turkey Bay/Land Between the Lakes park around 9 am on Saturday October 26 to run some trails. I think we've got two already planning the trip. Please come join us. And if someone wants to post...
  6. Cottontail

    Moving my old Jeep - questions

    I got a house and I need to move my ZJ about 1.1 miles from a storage unit to the new house. Only .7 miles of that is on the road. I can cover the other .4 miles through parking lots. It has been in storage about 15 months and hasn't started in that time. It has very little gas in it. I...
  7. Cottontail

    Rust Free Southern Jeep - 2000 XJ Limited

    Hey y'all...with the pain in the butt that is trying to post pictures off flickr, I've posted a link to my for sale ad from the SEC boards. If someone up north wants the Jeep, I am willing to head into southern/central KY along 24 or 65 to meet you to save a trip all the way to Nashville...
  8. Cottontail

    2000 XJ Limited - 177002 miles

    Hey guys...selling the 2000 XJ Limited I bought a couple months ago. I've gone as far as I can with it in my current situation and just want to get rid of it. It is a Silverstone Metallic Limited with leather and the interior wood trim and overhead console. The seats, with the exception of...
  9. Cottontail

    Power windows

    I have an issue with both passenger side windows. They will go down, but not back up. Bullet points to consider: - Drivers side switches wouldn't roll down front pax window when I got the Jeep. It would do the pax side up and down intermittently. - Swapped drivers side switch box with...
  10. Cottontail

    HVAC Fan not working

    The new to me XJ I just picked up (2000 model) doesn't blow the HVAC at any speed or on any setting. I put in a new blower motor resistor, just to rule that out. I was pretty sure that it wasn't that, as research told me that a bad resistor would still blow on #4. I did pull the knob plate...
  11. Cottontail

    Oil Pressure reading

    I just got a new XJ 2 days ago - 2000 Limited. The oil pressure was reading low when I got it, so I put in a new oil pressure sending unit and it continued to read low. I did a complete oil change on it today. Six quarts and a new oil filter. It continued to read low so I swapped out a...
  12. Cottontail

    Rooftop basket

    Anyone need a rooftop basket? This was on the XJ I picked up yesterday and I don't need it. It's available for pick up in south Nashville/Cool Springs. Comes will all hardware. Couldn't find a brand name on it - but I didn't look real hard.... Make me an offer. I'm not trying to get rich...
  13. Cottontail

    LKQ Wrecking Yards

    Its a holiday weekend so all the LKQ junk yards should be doing their 40% off sale. I can confirm that Nashville is 40% off from May 25-27. Not many XJs here, but a ton of Commanders! :cheers:
  14. Cottontail

    Land Between the Lakes Clean Up Day - 4/27

    Hey y'all...Turkey Bay at Land Between the Lakes does an annual clean up day the Saturday after Easter. That make it 4/27 this year. What's the clean up day consist of? We will start with a 9 am "tailgate meeting" where the rangers will go over the jobs that need to be completed. We spend...
  15. Cottontail

    Durango Steering Box

    If anyone is interested I have one sitting in my storage unit that I don't need. It has a pitman arm attached. Not sure if it is an XJ or a ZJ pitman. It was in the Jeep only for a short time. I decided I didn't like it so I put the factory unit back in. Nothing wrong with the Durango box -...
  16. Cottontail

    SFWDA Dues are due

    I got an e-mail from Southern today. Whoever has account access, please text me your e-mail address and I can forward that e-mail to you.
  17. Cottontail

    Off Road Show This is a great show. For the last several years it was held in June in Louisville. This year they are moving it to the Fairgrounds in Nashville. I'm pretty excited about that. It's a really good show. I went two of the last 3 years. Also - food for...
  18. Cottontail

    Happy 2019 y’all

    Hey guys. Thanks for having me on the board for the last several years. It’s been a pleasure to serve both nationally and locally. I have some things to work out personally and professionally (and a Jeep to rebuild) but plan on being as active as possible. I’m looking forward to the new...
  19. Cottontail

    New SEC Board

    Congratulations to our new board: Andy Bagwell - President Brian Thurston - Vice President Jason Ledford - Treasurer
  20. Cottontail


    So far, the polls have been open for 3 days and only 4 people have voted for the SEC positions. Please, if you are a member, take the time to vote. While two of the positions are unopposed, 1 isn't and both candidates are willing to answer questions on their "about me" threads. Click on the...