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  1. Gasman

    Garage Clean Out

    Have a bunch of crap in my garage I don't need so hopefully someone does. I put prices on some stuff, the other stuff make me an offer (hint, I'm not out to make a lot of money on this stuff so I'm pretty open to whatever you want to offer!). Can pick up at my house (51st Ave/Happy Valley Rd)...
  2. Gasman

    Some Night Wheeling

    Last weekend at TM. 4 Rigs, 3 trails in 3 hours. Fast and furious, just how I like it! I'm posting this to motivate people to get out and wheel, wheeling season is upon us.... Awesome weather, I was actually kind of cold headed back to the trailer.
  3. Gasman

    37" Creepy Crawlers

    Disclaimer: these tires are NOT street friendly! They are bias, well used, not really round anymore, and unlikely to balance. But they have a bit of life left in them as spares or a cheap set of 37's for a trail only rig. 1 has a slow leak (I only keep them at about 5-6 PSI and loses that...
  4. Gasman


    Allied/Raceline steel beadlock wheels. 5 on 5.5" BP (figure it's a long shot anyone on here can use this BP but what the heck). 15 x 8, 3.75" backspace. Each wheel comes with three 1/8" poly spacers to adjust for various bead thicknesses so no coning of the rings. Rings have usual rock...
  5. Gasman

    Shocks, RE TB bracket/brace, shock conversions

    Rancho RS9000 adjustable shocks. 11" travel, 28" extended, 17" collapsed. Part #RS99028 $50/pair RE trackbar bracket and brace. $40 JKS front upper shock mount conversion. $20/pair Located in N Phx, 51st Ave/Happy Valley area.
  6. Gasman

    9" Front Axle

    Need to make room for the new, so out with the old! Here's the lowdown: Currie 9" housing, shaved, trussed, and inner C's gusseted. LCA brackets mounted flush with housing, coil buckets raised for 2" built in lift, tie rod flipped over, Tera passenger knuckle W/high crossover steer, raised...
  7. Gasman

    231 W/SYE, 4:1, 2 low

    NOT MINE! I know someone selling their 06 (out of an LJ) 231 with SYE, 4 to 1, and 2 lo. I have no idea of condition, miles, etc, I just thought someone here might be interested. PM me and I'll give you the contact info. They are asking $800 I believe.
  8. Gasman

    Need for Speed

    Absolutely nothing to do with Jeeps but got to drive a Ferrari F430 around Firebird this AM. I'm not really into exotic cars but this thing was pretty wicked. Unfortunately we were on the short track and only got 4 laps but was still a blast and a bit scary fast. And I'm not afraid of speed...
  9. Gasman


    Wheeling with the Parker 4 Wheelers on Sat 4/21. Looks like we will be running 3.5-4.0 trails. 35's, lockers, upgraded shafts, recovery equip, etc. are being reccommended. I'm heading up Friday night and staying in a hotel. (Yeah, I know I'm getting soft) Meeting up with the Parker group...
  10. Gasman

    April Fools Run

    Great day to wheel, other than the major accident on I-17 that delayed everyone about an hour getting to TM... Nice easy day of wheeling. Start with the best first, Josh hoping gravity was going to help him out! The rest:
  11. Gasman

    Cool WJ For Sale

    Bunch of folks were talking last weekend about wanting a nice WJ, here's a kick ass looking one I saw on CL:
  12. Gasman

    Sunday Runs?

    Any plans for Sun am run? Since I can't join the party until Sat, like to get in something else in Sun AM. Provided Brutal doesn't live up to it's name on Sat! Something easy and scenic is cool with me.
  13. Gasman

    Conda and CD Pics 1/14

    Not a Naxja run but 4 of the 7 rigs were XJ's so figured others here might want to see. Quote of the day was Woody saying "It's fricken awesome wheeling with Cherokees!".
  14. Gasman

    FJ New Years

    I'll kick the report thread off, good times this weekend. 6 families camped out Fri-Sun and a few others joined in for runs on Fri/Sat. Minimal carnage, Kraker lost low range after Fri's run and there was a cut tire and bent tie rod. Trails run were Upper Woodpecker, Upper Ajax, and Box...
  15. Gasman

    TM 12/17

    I'll start the thead since I had the most "fun". :D 4 rigs (Josh, Daniel, Charlie and me) showed. Ran Predator, no problems. Was a few puddles that things a bit more challenging. Went to LT, played around a bit on all the obsticles. Josh's engine started acting up so he turned around. Got...
  16. Gasman

    Grant Steering Wheel

    14.75 dia, 3.5" dish 3 bolt wheel. $20
  17. Gasman

    D44 Used 5:13 Ring and Pinion

    Used regular D44 5:13 R & P, Alloy USA brand, std rotation. Good shape, has about 3K miles on it. $30
  18. Gasman

    D60 spool, covers, spring plates, perches

    D60 Rockcrusher Diff cover. Slightly shaved bottom. $40 Stock D60 diff cover. Brand new. 1/8" thick. $15 D60 35 spline spool (Yukon I believe), 4.56 and numerically higher, brand new. $140 RuffStuff heavy duty spring plates. Fits 3-3.5" tubes. 3/8" thick. Brand new. $25 Heavy...
  19. Gasman

    1.75" front poly spacers

    Good shape. $20
  20. Gasman

    $200 Full Traction Suspension Gift Cert

    Won at recent event, can't use anything from them so offering it for $150. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking!