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    Need help: front bearing hub broke

    I'm trying to replace my friend's front wheel bearing assembly and it was so thrashed the front half pulled out, how do I get the pressed in piece out?
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    Shifter hard to put in park

    87 XJ with AW4 and roughly 4" lift, no transmission spacer blocks. When my XJ is shifted into park it does not lock into place unless a good bit of force is applied to give it that extra bit for the ignition locking tab to click in place. My Sister in law now owns my jeep and the quirks I know...
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    She's gone...

    Well I had an opportunity to buy a much more reliable vehicle but it came at a price. I bought a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 w/Cummins diesel and 6 speed manual 4x4 truck that only had 44,000 verified miles on the truck for $20,000 It was time to say goodbye to my XJ, so I gave her to my sister in law...
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    Radio fuse keeps blowing

    My radio fuse keeps blowing as soon as the power is turned on. I've unplugged both the radio and the cigarette lighter and it still pops. What else should I chase down that plugs into it?
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    Steering box options

    I tried rebuilding my steering gear box... The first time it wasn't adjusted for preload correctly so I had to pull it and adjust it. After the reinstall it leaks from the seal that you need a spanner wrench to adjust (faces the rear of the jeep). I use a quart of fluid every few weeks it leaks...
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    PS pulley alignment

    Is there a good way to ensure the power steering pulley is properly aligned? I used search and couldn't find anything. I replaced my power steering pump and pulley and am not quite sure about the alignment. I get some squeaking during a hard turn, and it appears the back edge of the belt has a...
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    Just rebuilt my steering box

    My steering box was leaking like a bastard and being the hands on/cheap bastard kinda guy I decided to rebuild it. I used the rebuild guide from A couple of places. For the adjustment I followed the "count the threads" step but I have a nagging feeling there is a way to verify the adjustment is...
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    Painting over chrome

    I didn't find much with search. I plan on painting my 87 Laredo in NATO 3 tone camo but am not sure about the chrome... The Laredo has a lot of it. Some of it like the door guards I can remove but what do I do about all of the other chrome parts? Bumpers, grille, light brackets and such?
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    Adjustable track bar time

    Before hunting season I had my front end worked on, new tie rod ends, new right hub assembly and an alignment. The shop suggested a new track bar but the price of a standard one was the same as a rough country adjustable. Being that the RC adjustable track bar seems to be the cheapest priced on...
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    when you find out you were throwing the dice every drive

    I took my XJ in for a pre-hunting week front end alignment only to find out I had serious issues up front. all of my tie rod ends needed to be replaced (wasn't suprising as I could hear then clunk) track bar needs to be replaced because the ends are toast (Held off on that because I'm going to...
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    solved the jackhammer sound... I think

    So after installing the new motor mounts and removing the spacers from my Transmission bracket I started noticing a vibrating sound coming from somewhere when I was idling in drive. I crawled under the XJ, had the wife put it in drive to figure it out. Turns out the rivets that hold the...
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    Driveshaft question

    Continuing my "fix what I halfassed in my youth" theme: I lifted my XJ using the ford coils and Chevy S-10 leaf swap. The lift has been phenomenal and I love it, but when I did it I put 1" spacer blocks under the transmission cross bar. This eliminated any vibes I had but definitely angled the...
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    Engine mount recommendations

    Looks like the rubber on my pass side engine mount is about toast, and recommendations for replacements?
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    No start woe

    I ran the XJ twice this morning for errands but when I went to leave my Uncle's she refused to start. When I turn the key to crank her up I hear the fuel pump and I have plenty of gas but she won't turn over and the temp guage moves to max. Does this sound like a starter or coil issue or...
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    front end keeps jumping alignment

    For some reason my front passenger wheel likes to get out of alignment. Three times I've had it aligned and three times it has jumped back out of alignment and it seems like its back to the same spot. What are some things I should look at?
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    installing trailer brake controllers

    does anyone have a writeup for installing a brake controller for the XJ? I have an 87 XJ laredo with factory tow package but am looking to install a brake controller in it.
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    Broken dashboard screw holes

    For some reason all of the screw holes on the right side of my dash are broken, leaving my lower das just hanging on the passenger side. Anyone have a fix for this?
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    Need help: engine won't run steady or idle

    So I was running my cb wire through the firewall via one of the large grommets by the steering wheel. I got the wire through and went to start the engine and it was pulsing in idle, bouncing its RPM. I noticed the vacuum line to the top of the valve cover was out so I put it back in place and...