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    2001 XJ auto to manual swap ; no start

    Ok a friend did a tranny swap in a 2001 XJ, donor tranny was from a 94. After the swap it will not start up, it cranks over but no spark. Haven't tried swapping in a new CPS and the ECM is still the one for the automatic. Suggestions on where to start the diagnostics?
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    I need the shirt off your back,...

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you humbly to donate some of your old 4x4 related T-shirts. Last year we collected T-shirts and Stephanie my wife carefully dissected all the logo's prints, and embroidery from all the donated shirts and created a quilt. The quilt was raffled off at a 4x4...
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    Help my Cherokee win a contest?

    Its on , follow the link here It's the Orange Chopped XJ Thanks!:wave1:
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    Pictures from my last Competition Highriders Challenge 2008

    June 28th Weekend at the HighRiders Challenge aka HRC 2008 , We sported the Pink 4.0L and raise money for Breast Cancer,.. Came in at $2097.00 raised, the Jeep "Blasphemy" came in 2nd place and only broke a driveshaft and stub shaft Enjoy!
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    REAL GUYS RUN PINK MOTORS ; Slogan required!

    A while ago Stephanie and I had a discussion on what the 4x4 competitions did for the community other than an ego stroke for the people who win,..... so We thought about it and the next day I contacted the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and offered to donate any ca$h winning from the year to...
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    COMP CAMS install; need some help

    Camshaft tining set up,.. anyone have a good write up or any insight when using the Extreme 4x4 cam shaft?
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    Camshaft suggestions?

    So I am looking into a few more ponies for the XJ,.. So I am swapping from the Renix to HO, full length header, ported rebuilt head. I am looking into Cams and was told the Mopar cams were good but I wanted some other insights,... does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Looking for info on New or used Bulge fenders,..

    Looking for info on New or used Bulge fenders,.. Any suggestions on Vendors , Manufacturers or know of any for sale?
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    Motor woes,... HP gains?

    I have a dilema,.... or shall we say a few. My 89 Motor has seen better days, it about 300,000km on it and its still got some jam but its got some serious gasket issues, exhaust manifold is cracked and its starting to get a case of the rattles. So with my next competiton coming up I would like...
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    4 Wheel Disk on Full size diffs w/ stock Master

    OK I am sure someone has done this or at least somthing simular,.. My 1989 Cherokee (MXJ) is getting treated with a D44 HP and a 9", now I have converted both diffs over to mid 80's Chev backing plates and calipers with Fort/Dodge rotors,... My concern is with the stock brake master with the 4...