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  1. Johnnie Walker

    SoCalFest 2019..when?

    Should be able to make it this year. When is it?
  2. Johnnie Walker

    Moving to WA state

    Hi all! Long story short, had to move out of the house I have been living in for the last decade. As most know, it is expensive to live in CA. That said, will most likely be relocating to Vancouver, WA area. Not looking to buy, can't afford much of anything currently. Was wondering if any...
  3. Johnnie Walker

    Where are you staying? Ready, Go!

    I figure a separate thread for people to state where they are staying.. Bunkhouse, Cabin, RV or Tent spot etc.
  4. Johnnie Walker

    So Cal Fest

    When? Where? How? Ready , go!
  5. Johnnie Walker

    Happy Festivus!

    I'm sure most of you forget so here is he reminder. Have a great one.
  6. Johnnie Walker

    SCF Swag and apparel

    What's going on with this?
  7. Johnnie Walker

    Communications: ham cb

    Just noticed that the price went down a bit, only $26 for UV5RA baofeng. Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio 136-174/400-480 MHz Dual-Band Transceiver (Black)
  8. Johnnie Walker

    SoCal Fest.. Need to know when

    As with the rest of the people that care to attend this event, I would like to know. I am most likely going to visit my sister in Japan sometime March/April. So, details about this event are important. Thanks in advance to all who are apart of the decision making.
  9. Johnnie Walker

    Fellow Hockey fans..

    Really want to go to a game. Needs to be on the weekend. Was contemplating the Jan 21 2017 game vs Col. I recall some of you having season tickets or deals. Let me know please. TIA
  10. Johnnie Walker

    Factory fuel gauge swap

    Rundown of my MJ.. 1988- 4.0L/BA-10/5 Truck originally had dummy gauge cluster. I swapped in a full gauge cluster, and the fuel gauge reads backwards. PO - a friend of mine swapped in a new Delphi? fuel pump asy before I got it. My guess is that is has a HO pump/sender? That would explain why...
  11. Johnnie Walker

    Vacation in MN and WI

    I will be in the St Paul-ish area starting friday eve. Planning on going to the Wild game on sat. Will probably be in MN til about tues or wed, then heading to Green Bay area for turkey day. Visiting my gf's family, but didn't know if any of you were local or hockey fans.
  12. Johnnie Walker

    Happ halloween, samhain, etc.

    My gf and friends like carving pumpkins. So, here's what I did.
  13. Johnnie Walker

    Place to stay Friday 9/23? SJ. /South bay

    Picking up some drivetrain parts from Gordon Sat. Thinking about heading Friday eve, so I don't have to day trip. Wondering if anyone has a spot for me to crash a night. Let me know. Thanks
  14. Johnnie Walker

    WJ fuel tank removal.

    I know some of you own / have worked on these. How difficult a task is this? Any writeups? Tips? Tool requirements? Thanks Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  15. Johnnie Walker

    Parts trail availability, SLO to Big Bear

    I will be driving my MJ to SoCal Fest. And I will be attending solo, so that mean I will actually have room for stuff! Already bringing an XJ skid for Bent. If anyone else needs anything brought down/up let me know.
  16. Johnnie Walker

    Toys for tots

    I know it's early in the year. But any way to do this 2 weeks before Turkey day instead? i'm sorta stuck visiting inlaws in Wisconsin during that holiday time.
  17. Johnnie Walker

    Parts train assistance, please.

    Gordon has a portable fridge/freezer that we made a deal on. Would like to get it down to me. I live near the Oceano Dunes, on the Central Coast. Thanks in advance!
  18. Johnnie Walker


  19. Johnnie Walker

    SCF2016! Need to know..

    Okay, it's 2016 already.. Hope everyone was safe and responsible. When is SCf2016?
  20. Johnnie Walker

    Parts Train Request, please

    There is a member over on Jeep Forum, that lives in the Vallejo area, that has an AX-15 trans setup that I would like to purchase. Anyone in the area that might be able to meet up with them to pick up the items? Possibly deliver to Hollister Hills at the Toy run next weekend? Or, arrangements...