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  1. Hypoid

    Prime 4x4 gift certificates

    We still have the certificates that "expire" at the end of the year. With the crunch for time, I am thinking we should cash them in on something tangible to give away. Thoughts?
  2. Hypoid

    Chapter Election: President

    I should have posted this on the 1st. Nominations are open for the position of Chapter President. Please limit discussion to the responsibilities of the role, and nominations. Thanks!
  3. Hypoid


    I used the chapter bank card to purchase food for the last outing; $38 and some change. This leaves $460-some dollars that are allocated to the Adopt-a-Road program. I need to dig up my old emails with Brant so we can proceed with purchasing the rest of the signs.
  4. Hypoid

    Adopt-a-Road 9-29-19

    Stats: 5 people in attendance, 40 hours logged 6 stops for litter, I think we had enough to fill two grocery bags. 6 ATVs 6 4x4s 3 boneheads at the "not a shooting area." It was an awesome day on the mountain! NGW_-f4AOx8 _oHTv-OeTxg 6OogA9O7S8g
  5. Hypoid

    Adopt-a-Road, 9-29-19

    Meet 9:00 AM at the Clear Creek Ranger Station, 101 Chicago Creek Road, Idaho Springs CO 80452 Please bring enough clothing for any weather condition, sturdy shoes, gloves, hat, and drinking water. If you have a hard hat, bring that along. I'm considering bringing lunch again, but will need a...
  6. Hypoid

    Adopt-a-Road Poll

    These are multiple choice, pick as many days that you can attend. The poll will close in 7 days.
  7. Hypoid

    Argentine Pass, 9/1/2019

    My buddy is moving out of state, wanted one more run up to Argentine Pass. He has made several trips to the basin, this was the first time we made it to the top. Well worth the trip! DVqIqnOFkPU
  8. Hypoid

    Adopt-a-Road, 7-21-2019

    Fun time! We had three XJs in attendance. We were able to cover a lot of ground and check out some of the historical stuff hidden in the trail system. We started on Cascade Creek, there was a USFS sign stating that a fire ban was in effect. The trail system was relatively clean. The stats: 15...
  9. Hypoid

    Colorado Chapter Adopt-a-Road, 07-21-2019

    The summer is half over and we still have to get our first run in! Where: The Saxon Mountain Cascade Creek trail system on the South side of Saxon Mountain- FS 710 & 712. What: Cruise the trail system while filling out monitor forms, picking up non-hazardous litter, possibly dragging dead...
  10. Hypoid

    gmail/youtube account

    I set up a gmail to spam our chapter members, this gives us a free account with youtube. Username: coloradochapternaxja Password: CObod2019 Youtube Channel: It is ours, let's use it!
  11. Hypoid

    Spring Creek, 5-26-19

    I'll work on a report and uploads tonight. One thing I do want to bring up is that I brought home a hitchhiker, a wood tick. I looked at the poor little bugger trying to nestle under my skin and thought: "Oh yeah, it is that time of year."
  12. Hypoid


    Awesome day! Images and commentary to follow...
  13. Hypoid

    4-28-19 Chapter Meet & Greet + Trail Run

    Meet & Greet at 5:00 PM, Sunday April 28th. There will be pizza, and we will determine the winner of the Colorado Chapter Prize. Meet at: Old Chicago 1805 Industrial Cir Longmont, CO 80501 Meet up for the Trail Run will be at the U-Pump It: 4065 Ute Hwy Longmont, CO 80503 Meeting time will...
  14. Hypoid


    You won the Brown Dog motor mount set! :party::party::party:
  15. Hypoid

    Meet-n-Greet 4-28-19!

    We need to find out who will own that Impact Set. Instead of sitting on my butt with a random number generator, I want to see people actually talking face to face. 2/3 of the BOD will be available on the 28th, that is our date. We need to find a venue. This is the perfect opportunity for...
  16. Hypoid

    Meet-n-Greet in April

    I expect it will take a week to get the renewal list from Membership. After that we can give away the impact set. It is the perfect opportunity to get people together. The last week in April works best for me. Anything sooner and I won't be available on Saturdays. Comments?
  17. Hypoid

    March Membership Drive!

    Most of us know the drill: "Sign up or renew during the Month of March" and... Your COLORADO CHAPTER B.O.D. has added some incentive for members of the COLORADO CHAPTER! You must sign up or renew during the "MARCH MEMBERSHIP DRIVE" to be eligible for the COLORADO CHAPTER Grand Prize!
  18. Hypoid

    March Membership Drive

    National is setting a budget and discussing prizes. I'd like to do the same for COLORADO Chapter only. First and foremost, I'd like to perk our Members who renew in March with a Chapter Sticker. Second, it is an opportunity to get rid of that event-specific swag that never sold. Let's hear...
  19. Hypoid

    Event availability.

    I am scheming a way around our leadership bottleneck. Nonetheless, when are you available to anchor Chapter Events?
  20. Hypoid

    March Membership Drive

    I'd like to add a few perks this year: One or two chapter stickers, with QR codes on them to drive traffic to the Chapter Forum/Facebook. Business cards, with same QR codes. Thoughts?