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    More Moab '08 Pics

    These photos are from Tuesday - Strike Ravine; Wednesday - Steel Bender; Thursday - Dome Plateau; Friday - Hell's Revenge. And a great big thanks to all you who worked hard to put all this together! Best one I've been to in 8 years!
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    AW-4 Conversion

    Anyone have the link to the tech article regarding re-wiring the trans computer to allow driving in second gear without having it downshift into first at slower speeds?? Thanks
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    Just wondering if a time and location has been set in stone yet. Last I heard it was going to be in early July around Silverton or Ouray? Thanks
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    Just wondering if any trails have been decided on yet. Also, around what time in the AM do the runs start from the campground. I'll be in town by late Monday and wouldn't want to miss the Tuesday run. Thanks
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    Need COFest Info

    As I see it, COFest is the week of Aug. 7 through August 11 this year. I'd like to come over from AZ and enjoy the cool of CO for a few days, and I've got a few questions. Are there any fees like the Moab event and some of the trails? Any pre-event signup needed or just show up? Any motels in...
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    Will We Be Going To Moab Next Year?

    This directly effects NAXJA's Fall FLING... There is a letter at the bottom, cut and paste it from here and open it in Word. Fill in your info and mail it off.. Thanks for doing your part.. Badger ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Received from the Red...