ladder bar

  1. Gravesdiggerxj

    Show me your traction bar pics

    so I'm building one. I usually hate picture request threads... but I have all the material but I just need some help visualizing a frame side mounting point so I can get started.. and finished before Moab. please post up pics of your traction bar and how it's mounted (both sides) thanks...
  2. Gravesdiggerxj

    Rear traction bar info/ build questions

    Having chewed up a couple sets of leaf springs; I'm getting ready to build a rear traction bar, and I have a few questions for the gurus who have built these (Goatman, Okie Terry, Timmay, Hadfield, DaffyXJ, BrettM, XJ_ranger, etc...) I'm running a 9" rear and a cherry bomb for clearance. I have...
  3. T

    Traction bar

    I am designing a traction bar for my XJ. The axle wrap is now breaking parts so time to do something, better late than never... My plan is to use the standard Sams Off road/MORE style setup. I will probably be buying some precut axle brackets I found on one of the pages Ive searched. A...