00 limited won’t shift out of park


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NAXJA Member
Starts fine, steering wheel goes back and forth fine but won’t shift out of park. Tried slowly turning the key to find a sweet spot to N start it but that didn’t work either. Had it sold until this happened. Went back out 39 mins later and it started and shifted fine. Second time this week it has happened.



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sounds like your shift lock solenoid may be acting up. The shift lock is the cable that goes from the steering column to the shifter. The solenoid is on the column right under the key. There is an electrical connector to it and you can't simply unplug it. There is more to the circuit than just the solenoid. I would start by check to make sure you have power across the two wires though. you can also pull the solenoid from the column by inserting the key and pushing the release button and simply remove it, but of course then you would be able to start the thing in drive so no safety. But it does sound like the shift lock solenoid.