1943 Ford GPW Restoration


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I have a 1943 Ford GPW that I bought 4 years ago that is in my garage awaiting a full restoration.

The frame has a couple of cracks, but it is all there.

The body has several parts that have rusted away, but all the major parts are there.

The engine has not turned over for many years, but the long block is all there.

The transmission was disassembled and it looks like someone stored it in the ocean, but all the parts are there.

The transfercase is crusty and dry, but it's all there.

The axles are there and the Jeep can be flat towed.

The brakes don't work, but all the parts are there.

This is going to take a complete body off restoration and it is such a big job that my wife thinks that my sanity is not all there.


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Just remind her of the 5th commandment:

[FONT=&quot]5. Complaineth not when the Man's Friends cometh over to work on a four-wheel-drive vehicle on a Thursday night until 2:00 a.m. Be thee grateful that the Man and his Friends are not attending stimulating performances of voluptuous harlots at Shotgun Willies on this evening. [/FONT]
Such a project vehicle should keep you much too busy for anything that could get you in trouble.


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I have a 55 Willys pickup in my garage that is my dads. He bought it in 1973 when he graduated high school (it's the same age as him). It hasn't run since the late 80s and been stored ever since.

He recently sold his comic book collection (a dream collection of books from the 70s) and we hope to start on it soon...in another thread, but it's condition is much the same as the description of your GPW, which made me smile.

My mom is glad it hasn't been stored in their garage the last nine years like it has been in my garage.

mac 'old iron rules' gyvr


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get any where on your restoration project?

I'm in the process of restoring a 43' MB. Currently the frame, engine, and fenders are in my garage. both axles are stripped and cleaned at my dads house. and the father in law an I have been working on replacing rusted panels and front floor pan at his place.