1995 Jeep Cherokee 4.0/AW4/231/8.25!!!

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As title states, selling my '95 Jeep to get a more dependable truck. Really sucks since this Jeep has some much potential and I hate for it to be destined to the scrap heap as a trade in. Really wanted to hang onto it but may not be able to. Here's the details:

4 Door
White Exterior
Grey Cloth Interior
237k miles
8.25 Chrysler rear

NEW: (Less than 1,000 miles)
703 Injectors
Disitributor, Cap, and Rotor
Plugs and Wires
Mopar CPS
OME 2in Med Duty Leafs
Rusty's 2in Coils
Vato-zone Shocks
Fresh oil change

30x9.5 Dunlop Mud Rovers with plenty tread
T/C and Gas tank skid plates
Clear Title in my name

The bad:
Has some peeled paint and surface rust, had a heater core go out and cause a hole in the passenger floor pan but other than that no serious cancer anywhere. The wheel bearings are starting to go out and it seems to be losing a little water somewhere, not sure where. None in the oil. Has a few dents but nothing seriously crushed.

The most important part, what I want for it. I'd like $2,000, can't trade for anything, need cash. If I can't get that, then I am not going to worry about it. If I find out that magically my credit isn't too jacked and I don't need a serious down payment, then I'm keeping it. There's some pictures of it floating around on Swamprat's posts. Will try and add some after the rain stops later. And no, I won't be offended if anyone says its too high, it might be part of the plan:gee:

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before lift:

after lift:

its a nice jeep, hella clean and properly lifted. non of that block and spacer malarkey these kids use now a days.