1999 4x4 AW4 transmission (SALE!! New lower price)


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This is the transmission out of my jeep, that is in a very unhappy state of affairs, but if someone wanted to rebuilt it or use it for parts to make a 2wd AW4 a 4x4, it would be great.

It's complete with torque converter
It has a transgo shift kit installed (Set on full race)

Has metal in the fluid
Has been overheated many many times
It likes to randomly grab 1st gear in the middle of the 3-4 shift
The shifts are really harsh due to the shift kit
It probably has no clutches left.
Mileage is around 220k

Price: Free, get it the hell out of my driveway.


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Wish your driveway was closer...want to hold it til I get your parts pulled?