(2) Bilstein 5125 11" shocks new


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i bought this pair about 4 months ago for a higher lift but the extra lift never happened and thus never ran the shocks. they are still in the box.

Bilstein 5125: Model no. BE5-A465-H7
Travel: 11.00"
Rating: 255/70
Expanded length: 28.01"
Collapsed length: 17.00"
14mm eye/eye



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On midsize trucks/SUVs, Bilstein recommends the 255/70 rated shocks for the front overall, and rear for "performance".


i'm currently running the same shocks, in 10" application, for my 5.5" front coils on a Dana30. so these 11" would work well for a +5.5" lift..... however, i think it's also dependent on your axle is setup, and if you want more down travel (wheel droop) or up travel (wheel tuck). from my calculations, if i put these on, i would get about 7" of droop and 4" of up travel articulation.