2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic For Sale


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2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic
Cold AC
Hot heat
Good tires
4wd works good

Picked this xj up as a rebuilder project. Got the hard work done, just needs some minor things done. Haven't driven it on the street.

Minor things include: tailpipe, sunroof is inop, hood release cable(or latch), windshield is cracked.

$2600 for users, $2300 for red members.

No trades, unless you have a car hauler or a 4wd MJ.

Located in Bremen, IN.



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NAXJA Member
How is the interior?
It's in average condition, about what you would expect for an xj w/ 176k on it. Driver's seat has the usual cracks on the side, headliner is saggy in a few places. Seats are otherwise in good shape.

I can get some more pictures this afternoon.


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That trailer will be an MWC whore, let me know when you are done w it Matt, I mat buy it back.


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Price drop...

$2,300 for users, $2,000 for red members.

Call/text 574-209-zerofourfiveseven for more details.


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I can't believe you haven't sold this thing for 2 gs.

I've seen it, and other than the smashed fender and header panel it was real clean.


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One of three things is going to happen.

1. it will sell
2. it will get parted out
3. it will get tons and 40s