2000 XJ For Sale(Project)


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I've decided to try and sell my project XJ.

It's a 2000 Classic w/ 175k. It has a 4.0/aw4/231/LP D30/8.25.

When I bought it, it was wrecked in the front and left front fender. Not a hard hit, but hard enough to warrant new parts. I fixed the radiator, painted the front bumper and caps, and the LF fender too. I also tried my hand at some rust repair on the left side rockers. The header panel is painted as well. It also has a new battery too.

It still needs work. AC condenser is bent and will need replaced(system has held charge though). Windshield is cracked. One of the exhaust hangers is broke and needs welded back on, plus it needs a new muffler and possibly a tail pipe. The PO had a lightbar on the roof, and drilled some holes, those need patched. The headliner is saggy. The rear hatch is tough to open. The driver's door check needs fixed. The battery cables could stand to be replaced. The RR wheel cylinder is damp and needs replaced. I had to steal the front pinion yoke, but I will put a new one on. Sunroof is inop. Needs an electric fan too.

With all that said, it does have some good stuff going for it. First, I have a bunch of the body parts to help complete the fix, including the condenser(from a working ac xj), turn signals, corner lights, grille, headlight bezels, etc etc. All that stuff goes with the Jeep. The tires are in pretty new, I believe they are Mastercraft Courser HSXs. Even with the less than stellar exhaust, the motor runs good, and the 4wd works. Trans seems to be good as well. Interior needs cleaned, but is in decent shape. AC is cold as ice, heat is hot. PO stated he put a new water pump on too.

One thing about the motor is that the oil pressure gets low (like 12 psi, according to the gauge) after it has ran for ~45 minutes. If you blip the throttle, it pops back up, but goes back down to about 12. At cold startup, it's about 50 or so at idle. The check gauges light never comes on though. My plan was going to change the oil, put in a quart of Lucas oil stabilizer, and put a good quality filter and see if that helps. This is not mechanical gauge verified.

Once all the little stuff has been fixed, and put back together, this would be a pretty good DD. Or a nice start for a wheeler, etc.

Since you shouldn't drive it on the road yet, I am willing to transport a reasonable distance if needed.

Price is $1500, pretty firm on that. I have the title, although I never got it changed over into my name.

Not going to part out either.

I will post some current pictures in the next day or two.

PM or text 574-209-04fiveseven.
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