2000 XJ Limited - 177002 miles


Three-De Off-Road
NAXJA Member
Hey guys...selling the 2000 XJ Limited I bought a couple months ago. I've gone as far as I can with it in my current situation and just want to get rid of it.

It is a Silverstone Metallic Limited with leather and the interior wood trim and overhead console. The seats, with the exception of the tear on the side of the drivers seat are perfect. The previous owner also installed a sound system, pictured, which will stay with the Jeep. The tires are Kelly, with only a few thousand miles on them. Underneath is completely rust free.

The Jeep was hit on the driver's door, but it closes find and works as it should. I repaired that. I've also put in a new windshield, new valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, and hi flow oil pump. I've also put a battery in it.

It does need a little work, which is more than I am able to do in my apartment complex parking lot. The blower does not work for climate control. Neither of the passenger side windows will roll up. They will roll down, however. I've tested switches and motors and such for the windows and determined it to be a short somewhere. Likewise, I've done all the tests I can for the blower, and assume it to be a wiring issue.

Lastly, just the other day I drove it, parked it, and went to start it the next morning and it just cranked and threw a "No Bus." I swapped the crank position sensor and it fired right up, but then died again and won't restart. I assume its the cam position sensor. I have one in hand, but can't make that swap in the apartment complex.

I'm asking $1500. Just want out of it what I have in it. I'd be willing to travel up within reason to make the sale if you live a ways out. Jeep is in Nashville.