2001 XJ Speaker Size?


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I have a 2001 Anniversary Edition XJ. I want to upgrade all 4 speakers but not sure what size they are and what else might fit? I read they could be 5.25 or 6.5 inch? Also read that 6.5 might fit in 5.25 spot but magnet may hit front windows in doors? Traveling for work right now, so can't see my XJ but shopping around for speakers.

Can someone shed light?


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Stock 5.25" in the doors and sound bar. A 6.5" will fit in the sound bar with just a little trim. I don't know about a 6.5" in the front door.


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I've got Polk db651s 6.5" slims in my 99's front doors. They screwed in with no modification even though I was prepared to enlarge the opening, didn't need to.


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I have Sony Explode 6.5's in the sound bar of my '96. No mods were needed but a couple of the screws went in sort of at an angle. It works for me.


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I've run these on 2 xj's in the front doors now with no issues. Sound great, 22 bucks on Amazon

Kenwood KFC-1665S 300-Watt 6.5-Inch 2-Way Sport Series Flush Mount