2004.5 Duramax 4x4 crew cab - $16000

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All good things come to an end. Picked this up right before the Crawl last year and have put about 12,000 miles on it. I'm selling because I don't use it enough to justify the payment every month.

- 2004.5 GMC Sierra 2500HD, crew cab short bed
- LLY Duramax
- 5-speed Allison automatic transmission
- Push-button 4x4
- 171,000 miles
- SLT trim, leather, power seats, auto-dimming mirrors, rear audio, etc.
- WeatherTech DigitalFit floorliners

The interior is in very good shape with only a few blemishes, the exterior has some rock chips on the hood, rockers, and rear fenders but is entirely rust free. It is unmodified other than a muffler delete, but it is not at all loud in the vehicle and is quite pleasant to drive. I get about 17.5 mpg commuting to work and back and have done as well as 19.5 on an easy highway trip. Pulling my Jeep and trailer to Harlan I got around 13.5.

The only trouble I've had with it was a failing fuel pressure regulator that caused an idle surge. It still drove fine but regardless I had it fixed by a diesel shop in town and had them look over the rest of the truck. Otherwise it's just been maintenance. I change the external transmission filter at every oil change and the fuel filter every other oil change. The transmission fluid looks literally brand new. It has new ball joints and tie rod ends as well.

There are a few issues that need worked on, I plan on addressing these over the next couple weeks:

- needs door lock actuators in the driver's door and both rear doors.
- there is a shimmy in the front end when braking. I checked the unit bearings for play and they seem fine, so I suspect a warped rotor.
- the bed has some holes in it where toolboxes were mounted. There is a drop-in plastic bedliner that covers them up though. A proper spray-in bedliner would probably fill in the holes.
- factory CD player will not load/unload discs.

I do have a loan on the truck and unfortunately the bank is not local to me. I'm happy to discuss details with anyone who's interested, if I have to personally drive all over the state to make a sale I will do it.

I am asking $16,000, but I like you guys, so if you're interested please send me a PM and I'm sure we can work something out, I am a fairly reasonable person :)

Here are some more pictures, I'm happy to take more pictures of anything on request.



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This is a Damn good truck for the money. I've driven it a couple times and it has no issue getting out of its own way. Brad goes out of his way to take care of his stuff.


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Looks pretty clean.. I'm looking to get into another quad cab as soon as I can move this 02 1500 4x4..
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