2012 Fall Fling Trail Schedule


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[size=+3]Check this post often for updates![/size]

As promised, here is the trail schedule as we have it so far. You can see we still need a couple trail leaders. If you can help, please let us know. Keep in mind, if we don't have a leader, we don't have a usable trail. In other words, all trails without an official leader will be cancelled.

Tuesday, October 2nd:
Medium - Kane Creek - NEEDS A LEADER!

Hard - Behind the Rocks - Derek (jmaxj) (Surprise, Derek! :D)

Wednesday, October 3rd:
Medium - Fins 'n Things - NEEDS A LEADER!

Hard - Pritchett Canyon - WayneXJ (Wayne)

Thursday, October 4th:
Medium - Poison Spider Mesa - Israel (Israel)

Hard - Steel Bender - NEEDS A LEADER!

Friday, October 5th:
Easy - Top of the World - John (Westernhunter)

Medium - Hell's Revenge - Jeff (XJeeper)

Hard - Golden Spike - Jason (FloydXJ)

Saturday, October 6th:
Easy - Elephant Hill - Steve (SandySteve)

Medium - Cliffhanger - Israel (Israel)

Hard - Moab Rim - Jason (FloydXJ)

Meeting places and times will be available when you register for your trail in Moab. We will be based in Slickrock Campground as always. Look for the NAXJA banner. All vehicles will need to pass an inspection before joining us on a trail. The trail list is subject to change due to trail leader availability, lack of interest, mother nature, trail access, bad luck, good luck, no luck, pot luck, etc.
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Elephant Hill participants will need to pay the Canyonlands National Park entrance fee at the station. I believe when I went this spring, it was $10. If you haven't done this trail before, be aware that you will need a full tank of gas before leaving Moab. They may have gas at the needles outpost station just outside the park, but the cost is horrific. Your vehicle should be able to maintain a speed of 55mph for the drive down there and back up.

Pritchett Canyon participants will need to pay a fee to cross private land. It's only a couple bucks, if I remember correctly.

Hell's Revenge and Fins 'n Things participants will need to pay at fee at the Sand Flats Recreation Area entrance station. According to their website, for a day pass it is $5 for a single vehicle and $2 for a towed vehicle trailer. A week long pass is $10 for a single vehicle and $2 for a towed vehicle trailer.

All other trails (and Pritchett) have a $5 BLM fee that can be paid when you register at Slickrock Campground.


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[size=+2]Tech Inspections:[/size]

Your rig will be checked according to the guidlines below:

NAXJA Bylaw...

Section 3: Required Equipment for Event Participation
1. NAXJA VERY HIGHLY recommends that all event participants have a CB Radio.
2. NAXJA requires all listed items to be present, and available for use, for a vehicle to be permitted to participate in a event. Participants are expected to stow equipment and all other items within their vehicle in a safe manner, conscious of the effects of OHV use and possible shifting of items.
3. NAXJA Safety Inspectors will use this list for safety inspections prior to any event. The Safety Inspector has final say in approval or rejection of any vehicle for event participation and may at anytime defer to a second event or club officer for additional ruling.
4. NAXJA expects each event participant to carry insurance and registration sufficient to meet the legal requirements of their vehicle state of residence and for the roads and trails traveled for the event. is not responsible for assuring an entrant's vehicle is legal for the roads and trails traveled in the event.

Equipment List:
Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC)
First aid kit
Adequate spare tire, jack and lug wrench
Safety belts for driver and any current passenger
Adequate attachment points in the front and rear of the vehicle:
Acceptable forms of attachment points: (All Items must be mounted in a manner to provide adequate strength and integrity)
Tow hooks of OEM or greater integrity
20ft 10,000lb snatch strap without any metal hooks
Secured battery (no bungee cords)

The tech inspector has the right to waive some requirements (spare tire, for example).


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So, are all of these going at the same times each day? Will we be able to run more than one organized trail per day? Any more info?


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Trail start times can be set by the leaders. I know the Elephant Hill group and Pritchett group like to leave earlier, like around 8:00am. Most other trails typically leave around 9:00. Really, the trail leader is the boss, so what he or she decides is what we will do.

We normally do one trail per day, although unofficial trails in the afternoon and evening are fairly common.

Post up any more questions you have. I'm sure others have questions as well.


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Thanks Israel. I am the trail leader for the Top of the world trail. We will be leaving at 9am Friday. Like I said, I will be running fins on Thursday afternoon, then Top of the world on Friday am. I would like to run Hells Revenge Friday afternoon. Saturday I'm thinking Cliffhanger or Moab Rim, then I will have to leave. This will be my 13 yr. old daughters first time to Moab. She is very excited.
What is everyone else's plans?


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Poison Spider Mesa Thursday
Hell's Revenge with Jeff Friday, and I'd like to swing over to Potato Salad Hill before heading back into town for the BBQ.
Cliffhanger Saturday
Shaffer trail up to Canyonlands Sunday before heading home.


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I no longer can lead BTR i can't get tues off work now! so i won't be coming down til tues night. sorry Israel :(


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I no longer can lead BTR i can't get tues off work now! so i won't be coming down til tues night. sorry Israel :(
It would have been more convenient for me if you would've found a job after fall fling, not before. :D


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me too, but the funny thing is i applied at this place 3 months ago and they made me an offer i would have been stupid to refuse. it would have been more convenient if they would have waited a week to fire a guy LOL

Plus i still dunno if the XJ is making it to moab, no tow rig. so i may running scenic stuff in the ZJ


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It got late tonight, so I'll be heading down to Slickrock Campground as soon as I can drag these tired old bones out of bed in the morning. Should be rolling into the Campground early afternoon. Or earlier if I don't stop at Ray's for a slice of onion with a cheeseburger and a cold draft. I am still planning on leading Elephant Hill on Saturday if there's any interest.


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I'll be arriving later this afternoon and was planning on Elephant hill for Saturday. Glad to hear your still planning on leading, I hope they find a new trail leader for Hells Revenge tomorrow as XJeeper (Jeff) had to turn around and come home yesterday.


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Transmission issues turned me around last night so I won't be at FF this year......gonna need a leader for HR on Friday. Sorry folks, hoping for a cheap fix.


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Let's try and talk Derek into it when we get down there. He can spot on the escalator better than anyone I know and that's an obstacle I'd really like to do this year.

If he can't, then I'll lead it.