2018 Crawl Swap Meet


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As you know, I like wheeling a dealing...

Swap Meet: Who needs stuff? Who has stuff?

And GO.


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I'm building a Race Jeep and needs some stuff. Looking for front lift springs, ACOS, Rebuild-able shocks, D44 truss, air bumps, 35" tires for 17" rims(Prefer LTB's). Of course I have no budget for this but lots of dreams.

I have a 95 with black fenders and hood, it was a 5 speed and the engine wiring is there still maybe even the computer. Rear 8.25 is there 3.07 would be a great core to build then swap in. I also have a 4.7 transmission from an 01 GC and the 247 T case. I have a set of Fuzion Street tires for a 17" I'd let go cheap. I also have some 17" 5x5 17" wheels I'd trade or sell cheap.....


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5 BFG AT KOs 285-75-16. 4 mounted on XJ rims (stripped of clear coat and painted black). Spare on old Explorer rim (spare never used). Tires are older but have good tread, minimal dry rot and been stored indoors. (zoom in on photos-links below). Perfect for off-road or in-town driving. These are load range E so pretty stiff. I was running 25 psi on pavement. I can deliver to the Crawl. Asking $200 for the set.



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Interested. Let me check the pics tomorrow on something bigger than my phone, and I'll let you know.
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If anyone is in the market for a rear bumper we have a prototype available that has a 2" receiver and solid tow points and tie ins. It is made from 3/16 plate and sleeves inside the unibody rails using the oem tow hitch mounts and a sandwich plate underneath the unibody rail.