2018 CRAWL to do list


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Hook up e-brakesWire trailer lights and brakes
Clean out my tow truck
Install front bumper plus winch
Fab rear bumper into place
Adjust boostwerks shifter
Run over all bolts on rig to double check considering this is a new rig
Install on board air
Get beadlocks to quit leaking
Get spare tires mounted
Change transfer case fluid...
The list will probably go on
Truck is clean, trailer is wired, brake controller installed, winch mounted to bumper, coming right along


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I was able to swap out the rear leaking shocks with some stock Monroe's i found. Larry and I were able to swap out the ruined rear spring eye bushing. Small victories.


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I have to figure out how to get all the raffle stuff on my truck/trailer to get it up there. I'm going to look like Jed Clampett again.


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Went to the work day Saturday and had a smoking passenger rotor on the rear..... not sure what is going on there. Of course I was blasting through URE pretty damn fast with very little traffic on the trail.....


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Are there gonna be extra tickets for sale? If so, how much are they?

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We don't pre-sell raffle tickets. You'll buy your tickets just a few minutes before we start drawing tickets. I don't remember what we charged last year. $1/each, I think.


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$1.00 per ticket or 10 for $10!

If you are from one of the Carolinas, however, the price increases to $1.50 per ticket....