36" spare tire needed

OK, I am short on cash like most folks so I am gonna try and only buy 4 TSL/SX's and pick up a used hooptie spare if anyone has one laying around
PM me and let me know what ya got.

Looking for 36 x 12.50 R15 ir super close in size but MUST be a 15" rim.


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Not sure if you looked but Gregs has a few 36 inch tires on there. If any are what your looking for not sure just know I have seen a few on there.
OKIE DOKIE, now I KNOW I need a spare since I took out a valve stem this past weekend on upper ajax. So, if you please have a 36 TSDL or even a worn out 38" TSL/SX that measures close to a 36 by now I will be good. Just hit me up asap.



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hey dude i will bring you 2 of the well used tsls i have if you want we will be in tucson on the 24th for haileys bday party.