4.0crank, axle shft 27spl8.25, 2k rear bumper, 95 intake,


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Gots lots of junk for sale.. Best part is the price is what you want to spend. Make an offer. Beer is an acceptable form of payment.

95 intake fully loaded with injectors, fuel rail and TB.. Also includes spiderwebs and grime. $offer

x2 27 spline 8.25 axle shafts.. If you have a 27 spline and off road it you will need these...! $$$$offer

2000 L&R knuckles from d30 with calipers $75

2000 rear bumper with sides $offer

x2 4.0 cranks. Don't think they have been ground.. $offer


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i think handbuiltxj would take these. i know you posted in his thread, but he's busy moving so he may not have seen it. he's in vista. i'll text him.