(4) Interco Trxus M/T 33x12.5x15 (used $300)


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(2) of the tires are in excellent condition, maybe 85% tread.

(2) of the tires that were used in the front had bad camber alignment so the insides (or outsides depending on how you want to mount them) are more worn. the opposite sides that were not unevenly worn have around 60-70%.

these tires came with the rims i recently bought but i don't need them, as i'm just keeping the rims. i'm not sure how much these go for used on the For Sale board, so i'll just start with $300. (Hopefully that's close to the typical asking price, but don't hesitate to send me your offers.)

located in fremont.
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just took some photos.

(2) of the tires with good tread look like this:

(2) of the tires with unevenly worn tread look like this (knobs are much deeper on the right side):