4600 Class KOH XJ


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Stick close to these guys and learn everything you can from them. Don't get too involved with another jeep because when you start building a racecar then it becomes all about the racecar and everything else suffers. racecar. Same goes for buggies I think... Cracker had a badass Comanche, then he got a buggy, now he doesn't have a comanche anymore.
That's another good point, and just helps me be happy with my decision to finish this xj!

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My best advise to you is to not listen to *ANYTHING* Cal has to say about how to build a car. His 'race car' is a vortex of vehicle compromise and his advice is always half ass and backwards. :/

Dallas has come in just recently to help Cal (as they just recently just started dating) and has made things a little better but he can't make crap smell like flowers (if you know what I mean). He has excellent advice and fab skills but I still don't know why he hangs around Cal who lacks any skills.....sort of like Felix and Oscar relationship if you know what I mean.

Good luck with your build.
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Don't mind Cracker. He's been bitchy ever since Cal left him for Stinky (Cal gets around).


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CherryXJ how is your project coming? If all goes to plan there will be an entire field of xj's in the 4600 class in 2018.

Cal are you looking at racing in February?